Monday, September 13, 2010

Time out! I'm In A Pickle Jar

They're On The Way To Heaven
Today I feel overwhelmed. Now, and ever since a week after the reception, I've worked on the wedding pictures. I'm trying to fix each one, as in lighting, cropping, shadows, and making sure all the color shows correctly. There's this impossible task I have to consider that most pictures were in the shade. It was so hot. The process of taking-out the shadows in the picture, results in a color change. This is my frustration, and here I am, trying to make it all look right. I should have all the time in the world, but I'm using a trial Photoshop and I have only 5 days left. I'm now using time to write on my blog. A break?

My Other Break
That Keeps Me Sane

I'm really working hard at reading the Book of Mormon. I committed myself to do it again not because I was asked, or even given the assignment. I am doing it on my own to change myself. I had a feeling inside that every time I was about to enter Mosiah and Alma, my insides froze. That is a blocking point for me and I was going to change that feeling, this time.

The missionaries that taught me tried to give me a summary of the Book of Mormon. The only contact I had with the missionaries was a total of six days. I didn't even have all the lessons. Nothing was mentioned about tithing or about the Word of Wisdom. The missionaries gave those lessons or teachings to me after I was baptized. It was fine, perfect, and increased my Testimony. I already knew the true Church would be that way. The reason this was a fast baptism was that both of the missionaries were being transferred. I knew it was true, all of it, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, Prophets, everything. Why WAIT when I begged them to let me join the Church. Actually, the thought of having to wait was disheartening to me. The Bishop was worried, I could see that in his face. I hadn't read the Book of Mormon, but I knew it was true. How?

The summary of the Book of Mormon:

The missionaries had told me this part, (showing me the middle) were the books of the Book of Mormon that had most of the battles and wars between the people's that lived here, as in speaking of the Americas. I had been a history major in college and I was so done with battles. My stopping point, my mental block has been an obstacle my whole almost 41 years in the Church. Yes, I get through it and I'm not sure how. I decided I was, at this time, not letting the war let me stop or even pause.

First part of Mosiah:

Oh...King Benjamin. Yes, it was working. I forgot this all was in this book. I love it and discovering a new way. I am marking scriptures and I could go on and on about them. I'm finding really "treasures" between the battles. I developed a list of who is going where, and basically a character development as one maybe would do for a novel. I'm seeing the wars as human nature and the round of remembering and forgetting. I even have a map. I'll spare you my map. Ah ha! Found a map with a link that is way better than mine. Mine was a bit messed-up, but that's a given.

Note as of Oct. 3rd, 2010: This worked! Oh how it worked. I wrote all over it. Put arrows to where Ammon was going and Alma. Then the King Lamoni and the Ammonites. This was fun. I should have had more papers. I couldn't STOP reading these chapters. It was exciting and so many scriptures just popped-out at me. I so love The Book of Mormon it is truly a Testimony of Our Savior Jesus Christ. I read it and it testified to me. Best reading, ever.

Here's the link since it's hard to grab anything off my site:

And the two books:

Mosiah and Alma apply to my life right now. I was set-up to help at an emergency event for our town. This event used to be very popular just after 9-11 and after a few bomb scares at the local schools. Oh, how fast many people forget emergency preparedness! I couldn't hand-out flyers at Cruise Night/Ready Santa Paula, because everyone REALLY avoided me. I wasn't trying to convert them or hand-out Books of Mormon--I SHOULD HAVE! What I had, was information on wild-land fires and earthquakes. I heard every excuse as to why "they ... couldn't" take the ... information. Why? Because almost everyone is forgetting. People remember the sadness of 9-11 but no more getting ready for any kind of event to happen to them. I had to literally stand in front of people and beg.

Human nature is outlined in the Book of Mormon and it is so relevant to now and to me. I really know that it is helping me so much. It's different this time. I think I've said that before. Well ... I am enjoying my quiet moments out of some very hectic days.

Kiely and Matthew don't even know that I think of them everyday as I work on the pictures. I pray for them, I hope for them, and I pray for Steve and I to accept this new "us." I think Steve is already settled.

Sooooo happy!

It's time for me to get back to the  "Grind of Life" exercise at the pool or "Pool Hall" as I call it. Sounds a little off, but it's like the Cultural Hall, only water. The exercise is between Yoga, Ahi Chi, and hard aerobics. I'm going to get there, giggle lots, not drown, and come-out with tons of energy to work and finish my projects. Oh yes, I will.

I Love Orange and Brown! Fall...

Book of Mormon, Temple Marriage

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Breeda said...

I love it Mom! The first photo really does look like they are climbing to heaven!
I love and miss you bunches!