Thursday, October 7, 2010

Great Day In The Morning ahhh Afternoon..

Isn't today glorious? May play tractor races in the mud. Dang! A day like this, makes me glad I didn't strangle as a pip-squeek! Everything is soooo much greener!
Steve got busy with the tractor so I took the FJ outta' 4-wheel drive and did Brodys in the arena, "Slip-sliding Away" I had to quit because Steve was disking...I did have fun and a large audience of farm animals cheered me on! "HaaaaHeee!" Rosa our silly donkey is the cheerleader!

When we recall the past, we usually find that it is the simplest things - not the great occasions - that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness. ~*~ Bob Hope ~*~ 

I love playing on the tractors, Marnie and just took-off.

 My dad always promised me to let me drive the tractor. I learned to drive it, but as he got older. The deal was I would put the rocks from the ranch in the "rock boat" all afternoon and then I could drive our Minneapolis Moline after the work was done. Of course, that was almost at dusk and sometimes I did but most of the time I was just so tired, I just went in the house. I think my dad knew that. That tractor is so tall and a ride up there way on top of those big wheels made me feel, "on top of the world" I wish I had driven it more. The rides I did have, were great days.

Kiely, I think like all farm kids, loves the tractor and never was able to see my dad working on it. My dad passed-away in 1990 and Kiely was only a year old. The last ten years of my dad's life were devoted to the tractor and of course, the horses, his red hen, and Dusty, the ol' dog. The tractor always needed parts. We laughed that he was always asking my mom for money to use to fix the tractor. He was convinced that the tractor was eating the rotor caps, because they seemed to disappear,weekly. Does that happen? The tractor sits on the side of our driveway to greet everyone as they drive down our road. It's an icon of the ranch and accessorizes Danger Ranch perfectly with it's light ochre color and there's all the old rust highlighting every dent, scratch, and the rust visually increases the all the mechanisms that made the tractor, spit, sputter, and chug (sometimes chugging quickly) all over this place.

Minneapolis Moline Bride


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