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Running for Sofia, Breast Cancer Hope and Faith

This photograph must be around '92 or '93 all the information is on the back of the picture. I just wanted to spotlight our cousin, Sophia. She is in the center in the red sweater. Sofia has a very aggressive form of breast cancer and she's only 30. She has huge responsibilities and I can't describe how sick she really is right now. The part that is really hard, is she's the bread winner at this time. But she can't teach with all the chemo.

This is the fall family picture some years ago, when Adam was on his mission and Mickey Mouse was sitting-in on Sofia's lap to let everyone know he was still around...but far-away serving the Lord and teaching the Gospel.
Andrew, Bree, Larin and Sofia with
Little Kiely Standing in the Front '93

The cousins got together at the Bride and Groom photo-opt spot near the Temple and they all wanted pictures on the stand. The cousins all wanted to have their pictures taken together because they told me they were forever connected and the stand applied to them, too. I listened and took pictures, thinking at the cute these kids to have a testimony of Eternal Families.

Bree ran today in the 2010 Susan G. Komen Arkansas Race for the Cure. She and Sofia holding hands and Bree held her hands today. Bree has her own challenges with curvature of the spine and some foot problems associated with her back. She didn't care and pushed on because of her love for Sophia.

Marnie, my other daughter, is doing the same and running in a couple races. One in Santa Barbara and an additional one soon after. She is also hurting, probably from too much running and trying to get ready for the races. Her knee is a mess. I'm sure that's not on her mind just like Bree, while running. Both my girls are wonderful and I'm so proud both of them. Marnie, you are the "tops" making the blog for Sofia. I posted a tag on my blog to share her story. The girl in the drawing looks like Marnie, but represents all the girls including Sofia. It represents be finished with the breast cancer race and have this trial behind her. Challenges.

I am enjoying visiting with my grandkids today. It's a lovely day that makes me cheery and smiley and from my mini-brain I'm thinking,"How's my cousin doing?" I thought how crazy it was.... how I kept spelling her name wrong (still) and even kept thinking it was "soul sisters" and not "sole sisters" well, they are "soul sisters" I just didn't get the running part. Is she cheery and smiley today? I can't remember her ever, ever not being cheery to the point of making us laugh at her darling giggles.

We tried so hard to "sell" the donation to Sofia to our friends on facebook. She needs money directly. Marnie has run in a few races and the races themselves pay-out lots of money to workers and directors of the races that claim its to support disease or cause. The race itself takes a lot of money and money for itself. I know that tons money really does go to the causes, one that the Susan G. Komen funds is for abortions at Planned Parenthood. But, I have to support these races, because the reality is... it raises millions for breast cancer research. It also pays for mammograms for millions of women.

Sophia wanted to have a mammogram and be checked further, but the doctors assured her that her lump was nothing to worry about at all and actually gave her the go-ahead to become a mother again to complete her family. Please read her story.

I am happy for this focus today. I'm glad we are helping Sofia because her family needs the money now. We can help make a difference in their lives. The time for the raising money has already been done for Sofia in the years past and we are very grateful. The facebook pleas didn't help. I think even though I have about 500 friends and all combined girls, my husband, and my son, we really have thousands of friends on facebook. We've had only two (2) donations. I don't want to believe it's us, that maybe our friends don't trust us. I think the place (facebook) is just saturated with pleas for donations to so many different good organizations and people in need. Yes, the economy is...well, terrible.

Money is tight. I'm thankful my family has jobs right now, no matter what they are. Even our youngest Kiely and her new husband, Matthew, work at at school. They have great scholarships and the money from there, covers almost everything. I'm thankful that they know that any work experience is a step-up to get a job after school is over. Future is unknown so I can only imagine that most are holding on to most of their money. I say that with one exception, everyone is having applications put on their phones. "Apps" these seem cheap and money is paid-out ... and then when the room on the phone is used, the user just deletes the "new app" it was cheap. We should have an "app" for Sofia. Honestly, I wish I could make one.

There Is A Silver Lining

I wonder if there is a trust issue. Like.. Will the money they donate go "ALL GO TO SOFIA?" How do I explain that we are trustworthy? My dear mother-in-law is holding the money and the band account for Paypal is in Marnie's name, a new separate account and then to Grandma Dune. All of it... will go directly to Sofia.... and I can't just say it over and over. If I did that, my friends will really wonder. Our family just wanted to raise a few dollars for diapers. Three of Sofia's children are still in diapers. Maybe we should have named the blog and fund-raising banner, "Dollars for Diapers!"

Some of my daughter's can't run right now. They all have huge challenges in their lives, but they are excellent cheerleaders including Steve and I. Yay! for Bree today. She did it!

Sophia is having her faith tested with a "trial by fire" and I know she has the faith to finish this hurtle in the race at home. Only good will come from it all... and I pray for this more than she will ever know. Heavenly Father, please tell me this is true... Our prayers, our hugs, and certainly, our love.

Breast Cancer

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