Wednesday, October 20, 2010

They Don't Let Go 'til It Thunders! Southern California Is Free At Last

Southern California is actually having some really weird weather. A week of thunderstorms just like the area my daughter has been living for a few years, Arkansas. I almost forgot what lightning and thunder was. I've been thinking of Bree all day. I was so relieved that when she ran in the big "Race for A Cure" there was no rain. The her first run was the 10k was in Toad Suck, Arkansas.

It poured, she was running in ankle-deep water and developed the largest blisters of her life, on the bottom of her feet.

 October here is usually hot and we're in the middle of fire season. I feel very blessed this season because maybe we have skipped the "fire storms" for now. My firefighting husband may not go on a strike team and Danger Ranch may have escaped the danger of fire that's always threatening our little forests and meadows.
My Steve, Right of Center, Green Valley @ Copper Fire
Feeding the livestock and pets this evening was so strange. The ground seemed wet but steam was rising off the ground. Bugs were everywhere and the air was so heavy. Not a puddle anywhere and how can that be with all the downpours all last night, and this morning, and even early afternoon?  I didn't have my big, rubber, fireman-type boots to do the chores. Yes, you guessed it, they were full of water from being on our uncovered porch. Surprise rainstorms and humid weather didn't allow my boots to dry-out at all. But, I didn't slip one time in my regular Walmart shoes.

I wish it had rained like this during the summer and then I could blame the sky for all the cats and dogs. And today, it was one of those days "The devil was beating his wife." That's what happens when it's raining hard and the sun is just a'shining away. Now, the rain is just beating on our metal chimney like the stupid woodpecker that thought it was a redwood tree. I can't even begin to describe the sound that reverberates our whole house and neighborhood. We don't like woodpeckers, they make holes in our house. The chimney is metal, but our house is redwood.

 Actually, I think that stupid bird just fell-out it's nest too soon and it just walks (they do that) up the metal chimney or maybe that's may be the one that got its neck rung twice and he was still floppin'  ... pay back?

Oh, no The dang lightening is hittin' the ground all around here. And I'm writing about our metal chimney with no rod? I'm all alone here because Steve's on duty. Well, at least he'll be the first up here if I call the station and we do have fire --- Uht oh, I'm freaking-out, lightening just hit the big metal pole out in our field, recycled light pole that we use to tie horses. Bet the rope's gone. It hit the pole, brightest light and instant thunder. I'm writing like I'm talking,  my mom would say, "Hush! You're chattering like a chipmunk." Oh my gosh, another lightening hit in our trees in Jurassic Park. It hurt my eyes to see it. I still see it..crooked bright light IN THE LIVING ROOM. I just witnessed God's natural, huge, Lincoln Welding Machine. No wonder God can fix anything.

Not My Idea of Fun Either
Quitting blog will come back tomorrow. I think I'm calling my husband because there is yellow out there where the tree was hit. A few minutes ago, I was thinking all the other places in the county were getting a "light show" and I was missing it. Sometimes a person gets what they wish. We have hail and debris... all the leaves are coming off our roof. If it hits the ground again... and it just did. Dang, I'm going out and getting in my car! This is scary! Okay, fires out and the yellow flickering light is gone. It's raining so hard and I know the rain must have put-out the fire. It is the hottest rain weather, I bet it's almost 80 degrees's hot.  Is the storm going because of the really warm temperature and the rain?  This is hard for me to comprehend.

This is Right Outside My Son's House Near The Beach, 25 Min. Away From Our Place & This Cell Slowly Came to Us Late.
 Once in for all I'm NOT EVER moving to Arkansas, Colorado, Utah, or ... I don't know... does everyone get storms like this? But us? Sheesh, I may sound like a baby, but that was way, way too close. Every 20+ years is enough for me. You know that "saying" at the beginning of my blog, I said, "They don't let go until it thunders."  I was talking about "snappin' turtles" That's a saying that I really didn't comprehend, having never lived in the south. I can't count Southern California as "South." So really, what I'm talking about here is, if you have snappin' turtles you have thunder, right. Just wait a little while and there's a thunder and lightning storm and the turtle attached to your body, dog, cat, stick, whatever will let go. Still.... would hate to have a big 'ol turtle hanging on my arm for half a day. Guess what? ... We don't have snappin' turtles here. This all might cause me to have some really ugly bad dreams.

Poof! Crack! Sizzle! Oh no, here we go again! Lightning and thunder at the same time!

It has just occurred to me, since it's been a very, very long time since we've had this kind of storm. There's really been no thunderstorms like this since I was in grade school. Snappin' turtles would've just starved to death hanging on to something. They'd all just shrivel up and die. They are extinct.

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WOW!!!! What a crazy storm for you!!!!

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