Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Danger Ranch Strikes Again. Another Fire Call at Our House

We had a smell of electric wires burning last night about 2:00 am. I awoke from a very sound sleep and couldn't find my Steve or our flashlight. The smoke-detector was not going-off. We hadn't replaced the batteries, like we did our dumb clocks. Steve came back with the car and told
me he was searching the area for a fire, because he couldn't believe it was our house. We stayed awake. This is not happening, but Steve left us this morning for duty and the smell became more obvious. I called the firefighters to come out and check this time with the camera and they all couldn't find anything in any plugs, attic, and basement or fuse-box. They all left.

Then, the smell changed, and Matthew, Kiely's new husband, thought it was the
space heater from Kiely's bedroom. I called the fireman again, two engines and
six on-duty firemen. They brought out the heater I was in the adjoining room fervently
praying that the firemen would find the cause and we could sleep and feel safe.

The firemen held the heater, my newlywed daughter and her husband were using it
in the front bedroom and Adree, my little grand daughter said, "Plug it in." My husband's crew did just that and it blew fireworks all over my kitchen and actually started little fires in my kitchen sisal rug."From the mouths of babes...." I'm so grateful she listened to the Spirit. Our earnest prayers were answered. Faith. We all have so much to be grateful. this Thanksgiving.

I Needed A New Rug Anyway

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