Friday, November 5, 2010

Hobbies & Passions, All At Danger Ranch


The magnificent Tundra has returned to Danger ranch and it's not for R and R. it's for passion. I suppose he'll breed all the our goats quickly in this hot crazy weather of November. The goats do love him and he's not hurting them like some of the bucks that we have had our does visit for freshening.

Einstein, our ram sheep, did all of his breeding business with the ewes exactly one month ago. I'm so glad there's a space of time between the the labors and newborns for me to rest-up before the little doelings and baby bucks arrive.

One thing I've learned more than anything as a farm girl is to try and do all this frugally. One great skill I've learned is that even with just a bunch of Grandpa's leather pile, Chicago screws, buckles, Conway buckles, and a good quality hole punch. I can make almost any tack. Bits no, but I can alter them. Grandpa's pony had a soft mouth and he completely covered his little bit (cob size) with stitched leather; and he started doing that all by himself as an 8 year old boy. I just found another one where he even put leather all around the bit with slobber-guards.

Sometimes I wish we lived in a world without all this addiction to gaming and TV. All of gaming keeps children indoors and really missing life. So does the Internet. Facebook and YouTube are right up there with gaming. I think no matter where a child lives, city, farm, or in between, they will find a passion. I'm certain that all the Xbox playing many children aren't able to find themselves. Face Cards or playing cards, were always something we did only, and only a little while at the beach. It was just a short time waiting for the surf to recede off the sea-wall in the afternoon or waiting for everyone to wake-up in the morning to go down on the beach at low-tide. My parents weren't Mormons, but even so, they also knew that things like solitaire and war were a tremendous waste of time and could easily evolve into gambling and poker.

I love Disneyland, but not all that the company represents. The TV shows are the jumping board to promote young singers and actors (or make singers and actors to promote the company) The shows all try and make the children smarter than their parents and disrespectful to adults. The children all say their lines smart and witty. How do the parents look? Bullying is represented as practical jokes and the acting is really sloppy, not well written, and acting even terrible.

I really am sad to see a child fixated on a show, as if they are hypnotized. TV becomes even worse on other TV channel's reality shows and those... appalling! I'm so glad that my children have opted-out having a TV as we did when they were young. We still hate the TV. Okay, tell me when these "Reality Shows" became to be popular? Watching those shows seems to me almost sick. We are able to see someone else's weird life, that isn't even real. Sister Wives! Oh, pleeaazzzeee! Could our children think that is how it is in real life? Should our interaction at home with each other be like that? I don't think they'll want to be a family, with these examples. Maybe because I don't watch it and I'm one that hasn't been watching it all along so the small changes that are made are not noticed by regular viewers. I see it and ACCCKKK! Terrible. Actually, I could write many journal entries on this, but I'm sure bloggers have filled lots of the Internet posts the same thing.

I agree that there's a lot of Internet "junk" to take our time. Facebook, YouTube, Annoying Orange. Well, not Annoying Orange...I hope I remember that video. Our REAL life is stolen away. Here I am writing and just hoping that there's some kinda' "cattle-prod" to getting lives back or our grand children's lives. Experience lots of life and they'll find it. There needs to be a huge advertising campaign that says something like: " Become Your Future You." My brothers passion was surfing, and my dad taught them when they were only 2 and 3 years old (I can't believe he did that) It was a very, very safe beach. It led to fitness and sports. Maybe a even a passive passion is reading, but I hope that it doesn't take every moment of a life, instead of actually "doing" something, like writing a book. Whoa! I hear my mom talking.

I did a bad thing yesterday. I pushed a medium-sized kitten that was all sprawled-out over our fountain drinking water. It was blazing hot outside. (Still so hot for November, around 95 degrees with the hot wind really gusting. I said (in my mind) "Take a bath!" and pushed the kitten in the fountain and ran away. It was the "onchies," I couldn't help myself. The very wet kitty looked around and I hid behind the car. She gave our dog the "stink -eye" I'm so bad. The dog looked at the kitty and than back at me, "What!?"

I was out taking a picture of our buck, Tundra. He is the last baby goat Kiely helped deliver, before she went off to college. He was sold, but I borrowed the buck and brought him back, to breed our goats. Tundra's changed a lot. He's taller bigger and darker, and not as aggressive and that's good. Steve just said, "He's tearing up the fence." Never mind, he's after Einstein, again. The sheep live in the duplex next door. I went down the drive, our Wellman Way. I was outside goofing around anyway. I went to the "Bunk House" that now is used as a really big tack room. Yes, it was a real bunk house in the old days, even had iron beds and a wood burning stove when we moved to Danger Ranch as a little kid. I'm so old. The bunk house is wonderful and I have great, great memories there. It's always been a tack room to us and even smells like a leather shop. I love being in there. I need to find some supplies to make a bridle. Pretty unbelievable, but I can do it. I'm going with rhinestones and all the trimmings. I don't have rhinestones, does Walmart? And I'm just dreaming. Steve will not go for that on his horse. I do want a bridle that's custom fitted. I'm going to hope I remember to not make the whole bridle inside out, and backwards.

Sahara's New Bridle (Almost) Top left is A Bit of Sonny's Tail

My Wonderful Poley Saddle 120+ Years Old

My very favorite farm tool and this ratchet thingy will fix anything. I love it. It now has a better handle and is easier to hold. It's officially called a twisting tool item number #159871 in the 2010 Gempler's Catalog. It's fast and especially easy for me to mend fences. Great for pig fences.

These are rubbery door hanger from the craft store. I can make rein stops by just cutting them to size. The price was only 50 cents.'s brown. Of course, my flash altered the color.

Grab The Ladder To Success

I hope all my grandchildren find their passion like we were able to instill in our own children. I hope they all find their "Obsession In Life" and I'm pray that it's an obsession that is "praiseworthy and of good report."

Here's a few sentences to describe my children's passions or talent. Each one had these talents when they were just very, very young and they developed them, used them, improved on each gift and it became a passion. They still hold to them, but now have added-on new hobbies, new passions, and new talents. Life is good.

Tressa: She is fascinated by drama and acting and that path led her to art. It's her dream activity. She teaches with great passion that could only come with the enthusiastic love for doing anything creative. If she couldn't instill her excitement for art without her drama. We love the drama, everyone listens and feels her strong emotion for art. Tressa's enthusiasm spills over to so many other paths.

Dustin: Our McGyver. He can fix anything. Dustin builds, he works on cars, and loves mechanics. This had led to having all the details in place. Right now, he's on a quest to raise his children as a single dad helping each of his four kids find their passions. All his fixes will just enhance his life and as he patiently works with his children he continues to help every new fireman that comes on the department. Great teacher.

Marnie: She always wanted to be my secretary and help me clean house. The back of her car license, it says something like, "Mommy and's a beautiful life". Yes, her house is spotless. Marnie is the planner and organizer of the whole family and activity director at Church. "She has her ducks in a row" She makes her life beautiful.

Larin: Oh, definitely, the nurturer. She's even-tempered all the time. Larin has had every pet that I can think that a person can legally own. Larin loved ants when she was little and even told me they could talk. She single-handedly stopped the slaughter of the Santa Cruz sheep and she was only 11 years old. I didn't even LIKE sheep back then. Nurturing. I bet she really is a Vegan. Larin's "home is where the heart is." geez...look at this sweet picture..she's still this way.

Bree: Her talent has always been the peacemaker. This may seem as a talent that's not tangible, but her photography and art display her desire for peace in all things lovely. She has more pictures of beauty than anyone I know and her favorite subjects happen to be her wonderful family. "Bloom where you are planted," has been her theme in Arkansas. Did I mention she is giggly-fun? No one can be unhappy around her.

Kiely: This young one was dancing when she could hang-on to the couch before she turned 1 years old. She dances it all out and has never, ever stopped. It has helped her physically and intellectually. Okay, so she loves animals, but she danced all the way over to the horse, then the steer, and then the goat. She's not afraid of being in front of others, and the plus is that she is organized and has been an official leader since the age of five. I hope you dance. : )

My kids are truly crazy and have personalities like their Grandpa's on both side. They have been an entertaining bunch and I was blessed to be in their lives.

Steve's talent and passion is service without reward or gain, recognition, or popularity. He has true charity. I asked him if he had a hobby and he said, "Yes, I do." "The definition of a hobby is three-sided: It takes your spare time, your money, and you really enjoy it." "Two outta' three ain't bad." It's my farm, and secretly...I know he loves his tractors.

My talent: Really, I don't know?

Right now, I'm headed off to Ah Chi swimming class. I'll probably just come home and push a kitty in the fountain, organize a little and download "Ohana" the new genealogy program with Temple Ready the Church is endorsing, play with the leather bridle and decide on some embellishments. I will love on our animals and throw the ball for the dog and brush m' horse. I might just build a jig for a pretty willow fence for my garden, and definitely sing to "Stuck Like Glue" with our happy Cockateil. I will kiss my honey, (a lot) and lay in bed and look at my grand kid's pictures on my camera.

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