Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm A Time Traveler Twice A Year

Okay, before you blink-away to the next blog because you think this "isn't the right place" Please look at this advertisement  my daughter found in an older newspaper in N. Little Rock, Arkansas.

...Well, that makes sense... 

Yep someone placed that ad, for a "Time Traveler" companion and HELLO! Bring your own weapons? And if you sign-up and live through it, you get paid. How do the weapons go with you..I guess I don't understand the concept. I really think it's necessary to be a rocket scientist in this case.

 My daughter lives in a little town in Arkansas and she was looking at the ad laughing when she "zeroed-in" as to WHERE the advertisement had originated. She sent it to my husband and the interesting thing here is, my husband was teaching a CERT class in Oak View, right at the time he got the picture message. "As a crow flies" Oak View is less than 10 miles away and just over the mountain from our Danger Ranch.

I'm not sure what a mammogram dishwasher is because I fer sure haven't seen one ever. It's the ad just above the "time traveler" advertisement, Maybe it had a wringer on the top? I guess the dishrags and dishtowels were welcome to join the shower. Wringer-washers for clothes right? And I do remember them, hahaha OLD. They were the only kind used when I was a little girl. Those real mammograms do feel a bit like you're stickin' your parts in a wringer and they are getting really flat. Great analogy, but I think this Arkansas seller meant to say, maybe Amana Brand. I don't know.

Steve said they used to use the wringer part from old washing machines back in his mission. His mission is right where Bree lives now, Oklahoma and Arkansas. He said his companion caught his tie in the ringer at the local car wash in Henrietta, Oklahoma. The Elder kept right on pulling his tie through with the chamois and wringers don't have reverse. The Elder didn't have a clue he was choking himself-out. Steve took borrowed a knife (everyone has one back there)  or something and rescued the screaming and choking Elder and cut his tie off right below the knot. The best part is that they didn't have time to go home, so his companion had to a large conference and all over town with this tiny, frayed tie. The "new look" for missionaries.

Shift gears with me. Steve asked the class in Oak View if they knew anyone that was a "time traveler" in Oak View or Ojai? The class was very amused (under statement) Ojai, is a very close neighboring community and it's known for "carrot snappers," movie stars, "tree-huggers," herbalists, hemp-clothing and Birkenstock wearing, and electric car driving unique individuals. We KNOW when they come into Santa Paula, they are outta' towners. However, they have a really characteristic Ojai-look. These people stand-out! No! I'm not talking about "the Ojai naked lady" on the bicycle! That is pretty much the only place you can see a naked lady and say, "I'm not surprised." Actually, I want to talk to her and tell her about my skin cancer. To set the record straight. A few of my daughters are all of those above, EXCEPT, THE NAKED LADY.  My daughter in Arkansas bought the first "Think" electric car in Ventura County. So, I know the "type"  very well. I have pictures.

Why do I think I'm a "time traveler" right now? I was checking last my post. If you ever read this blog you know I make tons of grammatical and spelling errors. I have to just shut it all down, and come back the next day and check my post for errors. I was checking my post and while I was looking at my "Christmas Countdown Widget" that I have on the right-side bar of my blog, it started flipping-out! Spinning crazy! I must have had my eyes just way... "bugged-out" Ewww! It went backward and forward and clicked, did these crazy spins; and after about 30-45 seconds it finally landed an hour behind. I knew it was almost time for the Daylight Savings time change, but not at 11:00 pm. The widget must be been controlled in another state, I know.

It's time for bed. That was so creepy. I went to change my clock and the second hand was going the reverse way. Now, tell me, what causes that? It was not midnight. It was 4:39 pm. and still going backward. Steve had the answer and he had this logical explanation later that it was all the batteries in the house are changed at the" fall-back" time. I know I wasn't ready for the looney-bin when he saw it also. I'm really glad for that. Steve told me,  it had been exactly a year since the new batteries were placed inside the clock and that battery was DONE. My husband changed the battery and it started working the next day, I think. I was sound asleep trying to catch-up from the unusual events of the night and early morning before. I had even had slept in my comfy hemp clothing and put my Birkenstocks next to my bed, so I could take them with me when I was "wooshed-away" somewhere back in time or forward?! I couldn't help just worrying (with the covers over my head) that I unfortunately will leave here without a weapon.

Note for tonight: Yay! Santa Paula won the 100th year rivalry with Fillmore tonight in Football. My dad played Fillmore as a full-back for Santa Paula in the early 40's. And, we haven't beat Fillmore in more than a couple years. This was super and we got the trophy which is an old leather football hat. It was gently carried across the field and handed-over to us. I'm so glad some of my daughters and their husbands got to see the game. Perfect warm weather and no one was unhappy, maybe.  It WAS the last game and now Santa Paula goes to the play-offs instead of Fillmore.  Oh well, happy evening. No more clock worries.

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hahahaha Thank you Mom! This made me laugh! Love it!