Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Amazing Kids Things I Don't Know & Find-out, We Can Do Hard Things

Just Today
At a youth fireside Susan Tanner said,
“I have learned that I can do hard things."
I listened to that talk and thought at the
time, what an extraordinary thought for all of us.
I didn't think it would actually change my life.

Today, my daughter Marnie ran the marathon in Santa Barbara to raise money for Sofia. I have a "pink-runner" on my blog a tag that explains. It's Sole Sisters Running for Sofia I am completely in awe of what Marnie has done today. She did the run, showered and was sick then she helped her cousin and family move away. She's been-up since about 3:00 am and she just got home. It's about 7:30 pm. The thing that just was over the top is that she called me to help me feed the animals, because I forgot. I thought my Steve was coming home and suddenly it got dark, he wasn't here and I realized that he was having to go to his regular work at the fire station, after a CERT drill. I did go out in the dark, it wasn't a problem and actually nice outside. I brought my "spider sword" with me to keep the webs off my face, I was fine, but she was concerned for me. My daughter's to offer help after all she has been through today, Amazing.

My Kiely and her new husband made apple cider for us today. They're planning to come down for Thanksgiving and made the cider for us as a present and it took them all day and hand-pressed! So sweet in both ways! I had no idea that they were thinking of us and Thanksgiving with them...I can't wait!

My Arkansas Bree made a tree in their house today and she did it all by hand. It's not vinyl. The plans are to add leaves. It must have taken soooo long to do and then this evening they went down to the lake or river and had a picnic in the dark with Tri Tip. I'm so impressed my dear pregnant daughter. Honestly, Kiely and Matthew were the Incrediables for Halloween. Okay...Who are my children, anyway? They all must be super-heroes

Dustin, my son did his normal "thing" today. Normal for him, but extraordinary for anyone. I am so proud of all that he does for his children without the help or assistance of anyone. He cleans organizes, works at a job and takes the four kids to the beach, too. I just called him and was getting all the kids ready for bed at 8:00. I honestly don't know how he does it. And...he loves his life.

I know Saturdays are busy for Larin and Tressa. I tried to call them but it's getting late. Never ever a dull moment at either homes. Tressa, I'm sure was working on homework, housework, and now that coaching is over for football, the cheer leading with Hannah is still a busy season. I put a little red arrow by Hannah. I am again so overwhelmed Tressa is still so determined to finish her degree plus keep up with all that is going on.

Larin said today, "I have two things I'm thankful for today, watching the sunrise with my honey and having a spur of the moment drives with my little fam." I love to see my children express their gratitude.

I heard a talk last Sunday on gratitude by my dear friend, Donna Morales. One quote was..and I don't remember exactly. but.... all virtues begin with the grateful heart, of gratitude. My children carry many, many virtues and I'm so glad all of them express their gratitude often and live by it. Did the talk make an impression on my heart? I've been thinking of it literally all week.

November. This year is one of huge changes in all our lives. I'm so grateful for my family and all that they do and accomplish. It is all so very wonderful and much of what happens in life seems to go unnoticed. I want my children and especially my husband how I KNOW that they do great things everyday, they are great people, always wonderful examples, and will endure to the end....and I do notice. I am thankful beyond words for who they have become.

Bill Watterson Is My Husband's Favorite Cartoonist. He Nailed It!
When Steve and I were first married he tried to teach me to juggle eggs. He bought me stuffed soft animals to start to learn. I didn't have the hand/eye coordination that he had. I broke a lot of eggs. My thoughts at the time were if he can juggle eggs, I bet he can do anything. I am so thankful for Steve's strength, humbleness, never-wavering faith, and his full-time service and charity toward everyone, even the most undeserving.

The very most surprising and incredible concept for me, is that I have this marvelous group that's my family and Steve really loves me. I am so very grateful for him and my children...and my grandchildren and grandchildren to be. I am so blessed.

Just for the record: It's a miracle...'cuz honestly, I'm a mess!

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