Monday, November 29, 2010

Red Blouse, Red Shoes, & I Put-out A Beautiful Red Tablecloth...I Mean I'm Ready! Christmas!

Fun small town stuff! Santa Paula's 61st Christmas parade. The old 54 Mack full of my family. We missed Bree and Larin and there families - they live out of state. The count was 4/6th  of our children and 9/15th of the grandchildren were here for the parade. Great times.

Ridin' with my Captain & our Sparky Fire Dog...he was as popular as Mickey Mouse!


My Grandson Tanner as Sparky The Fire Dog

Up Close and Personal

My grandchildren and There's Me Next To Sparky
The whole funny trick to this whole parade thing is I wasn't quite sure who Sparky was. And he was sitting really close to me. Someone said, "Tanner." So, I figured it was my grandson and I was kissing his nose and tickling him. He was so in character, but he was wiggling around when I tickled him. SHOCK!! My sweet daughter Marnie told me it was John's son. Yeah, he's an adult. I got so embarrassed I almost left the engine. Someone else goofed and said it was Tanner, like little Eirely and I knew for sure it was my grandson, just a trick...but it taught me a lesson.
It's so fun to start the season with the parade. We are yelling Merry Christmas and waving to our friends. I saw some even coming out of the hair salons with the "weave foil" in their hair and big aprons, to watch the parade. Oh, my gosh, is that great or what?

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