Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wonder Under. My Journal & Danger Ranch Strikes Again

Yeah, it's a wonder I'm not under, as in dead. I bet those who follow my journal thought something happened to me. Broken finger and it's so hard to type. Not completely true. I can type but you would never figure-out the code.

This blog is not about interfacing or fabric bonding, exactly. Interfacing with other people. One on one and sometimes it's not pretty. Facebook is a Wonder Under type of interfacing with people and it's a bit hard to figure-out. I'm not talking about those that don't think, like teenagers (sorry if you are in that mess right now) but for instance: My history teacher from 7th grade is my friend and he had a memory like, Wow! Here's his quote,"the two things that can make a man look the most stupid, Woman and a dog." My dear teacher usually posts something very spiritual or motivational...stuff like that. I posted after him,"Both together with a guy, or separate? I don't get it....sometimes that happens." Next post by me, again.  " It only took about 3 hours but now I get it. Big guy smooching his dog in public and the dog's sitting on his lap while he's driving.   out-to-lunch." His reply to me,"I don't think you have changed a bit since we first met! To tell the truth, that saying is one of those that means whatever you want it to mean god Bless, Love ya."

 Looks like more than one...

My history teacher could have said, "And, bless her heart!" I wrote back, "I know  "
Soooo, he's actually telling me I still don't get it? And I've got the brain of a 5th grader, I mean...7th grader. True. True. I do want to got to the movies and see, "Nanny McPhee"

Here's the sheep that broke my finger:

I have been told not to catch a sheep like that! 
I've been told to not open a can of dog food like that!
Here's my fingers:

The small one was cut on a dog-food can because I couldn't open the pop-top lid. My finger is permanently and irrevocably -- can't go to revert, BENT ugly. I don't walk on it so ugly it stays. My doctor tells me it needs a pin. Uht-ugh! So dumb, I am. Never pick-up a sheep by the wool when it sprinkling because little curls of wool twist tightly around the top of your finger and dislocated the joints and the twist turns into a spiral fracture. I heard my dad saying to me as I was in my flannel night gown trying to catch the sheep, "Where's your gloves?" "Don't you ever pick-up any sheep, lamb, cat, rabbit anything by their wool, fur or hair." The picture comes to mind of him reaching for my pony-tail.

For all of you that may think that this was inspiration, nah...maybe. But stuff as in advice from my dad, was always sprinkled with very descriptive language that runs through my head at the same time. hummmm I think I just heard his admonitions so many times that it is memorized in my brain. Like: Stand your ground when the horse is running full-blast at you. STAND! If you run-off Babe (the horse) wins and she'll continue that vice. She continued that the whole time we had her...years and I stood my ground, never giving-up and slapped her growling lips and teeth. Should'a used a broom. I think I blogged that already, tells you right here...that "Babe" made quite and impression on my life.

Never tie a horse up to a fence that just might move. Common sense. The horse knew it was a fence and now I didn't see anything wrong with it. I'm a grandmother. Horse flips the fence over on top of herself. No cuts, maybe bruises. I could have left the scene a real broken grandma. Oh yeah, "Don't climb a ladder near a horse and hold the lead rope or rein." Broke my kneecaps that time and the best of all. He told me to wear my gloves. I had no skin on my hands because it was a darn man-made fiber, that I've also been told not to use. Horses can strangle on those man-made, fibered-up halters and leads.

I got all that advice did whatever I wanted. I messed-up big time making mistakes all along the way. I certainly ignored it all, and had to learn by myself what everyone was telling me was true. I don't know why it is human nature to do that or this (?) should I even be writing this all down. But, know from me if someone says that is a pretty stupid thing to do, listen and don't do it. I know there is no going back. I wish there was more time to live my life the right way. I pray every night that Heavenly Father blesses me with more time on earth. I have lots and lots of work to do here.

 To my family: Listen to your parents. They know... and are saving you from sorrow and lots of angry or bad feeling toward yourself for the messes you might (probably will) create. You don't have time for doing wrong! Keep the commandments. I want you to find and follow your passions in creative ways or even mechanical, fishing, or whatever you love; because it will keep you out of mischief and on the right path of working and learning. I wish I could watch you all grow-up and help guide you, each of you. There is the Holy Spirit to guide you but you have to repent and keep the commandments to receive the inspiration needed to help guide you. If you are not getting an answer, fix you! And when you can have the Spirit, pray. It may take a long while, but the answer will come. I know that this is true.

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