Thursday, December 2, 2010

Butter Wouldn't Melt In My Mouth and Other Queen of England Day Dreams

First thing on Tuesday I had my hair done with a blond ash weave and cut short. My hair grows fairly fast and my hair had really darkened over the past five months. I wasn't a walk-in and had a little time to talk to my dear husband, Steve, about what style he liked and so on. It wasn't hard for me to go blonder. Teresa on 8th Street did for me. She doesn't speak English and I don't speak Spanish, but she knows the word, "sassy" and that's what I got. Teresa did the color twice to make sure the blond was not gold or brassy and I appreciate her making sure it was just what I wanted. Her daughter told her I wanted a Japanese Anime haircut. It's just a pixie. I didn't want to go darker to cover the gray and oh my gosh, I feel like an old lady going blond at 60. At least I'm not a "blue hair" yet.

This haircut was a fun updated look but without the famous "Utah Prairie Chicken" spiky-stuff in the back. Almost everyone is sportin' that haircut. Is that just Southern Utah or is that the WHOLE state of Utah?  My two girls living in Utah will never, ever go that route. They are freaked-out by it. I think the show, "Kate and plus Eight" a couple of seasons ago, started that look.

Since my hair had changed so much, way more blond and short..I had to put a new Facebook profile picture. How would everyone recognize me now in real life? And, of course, I needed a red Christmas shirt not a Fall color orange blouse, right?

I went to the fire station after my hairdo was done and my Steve took pictures with his co-worker, John Harber's camera and I proceeded to upload the picture And..I did. You'd think that when I did that was my birthday! I had the most compliments ever, most posts ever. All were very flattering and I was really embarrassed, I truly blushed. One interesting note all the friends were girls, never-mind. I really do look like I'm even blushing in the camera. (It was the red refection of the light on my red top, I think)

The posts and comments filled my profile page and went to bed thinking about my beautiful hair and then a little on the news about the Prince William and Kate engagement. Honestly, I didn't know he had a girlfriend. It must have made an impression on my brain, somehow. I slept on the notion that Kate was being taught all the Royal Etiquette.

I woke-up and hurried and looked in the mirror for any sign of "Prairie Chicken" My hair looked great. I felt beautiful and cute and full of energy. I was stronger, brighter, and full of fun. I threw the ball for the dog over and over. I fed the animals and really danced goofy from pen to pen, making my hair jump as I jumped, and waving my hands around like Miss Guatemala. I was kissing my loveable animals saying "hello" with lots of love and feeding & watering. And right (wrong) in my mind, I'm daydreaming of meeting the Queen of England. I can curtsy. 

Dang! Queen, are those real jewelry?
The day was a beautiful. A true "run-away-day" Steve was still at the station for one more shift. I felt so glorious. All my animal friends saw me and smiled immediately. Yeah, it was the food, but the day was as a new as a Spring morning.

I was strong. Hercules got a hair-cut and turned weak, but me...I was strong. I decided to clean the goats and sheep water troughs. I dumped the tubs out of the pens, so that the animals didn't get their feet wet and the ground muddy. The water seemed full of lumps of poop and debris. The wet alfalfa at the bottom of the troughs was slimy alfalfa. The ground sloped and the water ran toward the empty horse pen by the side of the kennel. 

Water pressure out that way, is poor. So, while I refilled the sheep and goat water with all the cleaning done, I decided to sit in my favorite throne heavy plastic chair. I was going to pass the time by watching the animals run and play the "pecking order" game of who had the greatest right to the best pile of alfalfa. I was enjoying the fresh air, light warm breeze, the view of the Santa Paula Peak, and the beauty of the ranch. I tippy-toed around the the muddy, green water and reached the chair and still playing with our dog Darby, the never-ending... obsessed fetch game. I was thinking I'm so pretty~~a little West-Side Music here.

I walked with a hop over the mud and plopped my royal rear down on the chair seat and just as I leaned back, it broke instantly. I can only think, exploded.

 I rolled-out of the chair and in slow-motion, I went right into the yucky, green-brown river/puddle. I wallered in it trying to get-up so no one would see me and thinking to myself, "What just happened?"  It was all so slippery and I pulled myself up by grabbing on to the fence. Oh, I looked at myself. My hair was filled with mud and slime, my clothes were all covered with real dirty water, even my church shoes, were covered. Why did I wear my nice clothes to do chores? I was in weird-land. 

I looked at my phone in my pocket it was okay and then I looked the chair. I was so cold. I knew then, God sent me an important message: That was the "humble chair" I needed to be brought down! There it was. I still need a lot of work and really I'm not even cute. 60? I'm not going to meet the Queen. Yes, the answer is: "I am what I am" like Popeye the sailor. 

I took a shower and hurried off to my swimming class. I did get a few mentions about my haircut and color, but not anything like Facebook. We just did our usual socializing, exercising, and having fun. It was a normal day except I learned a lot and laughed at myself.

This whole vision that I had, was a great lesson to me. A long time ago I would have saved the broken chair, but I took a picture of my "humble chair"  I wasn't hurt and my pride, not at all. It was completely funny and I laughed all the way to the facet to turn-off the water that was overflowing in the pens, now. My bubble was burst, the daydream was over, and I had a reality check that made it all short-lived and never had a chance to become part of my ego. Hey, there's a paper bag, I think I'll just put it over my head and walk in the house.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Red Blouse, Red Shoes, & I Put-out A Beautiful Red Tablecloth...I Mean I'm Ready! Christmas!

Fun small town stuff! Santa Paula's 61st Christmas parade. The old 54 Mack full of my family. We missed Bree and Larin and there families - they live out of state. The count was 4/6th  of our children and 9/15th of the grandchildren were here for the parade. Great times.

Ridin' with my Captain & our Sparky Fire Dog...he was as popular as Mickey Mouse!


My Grandson Tanner as Sparky The Fire Dog

Up Close and Personal

My grandchildren and There's Me Next To Sparky
The whole funny trick to this whole parade thing is I wasn't quite sure who Sparky was. And he was sitting really close to me. Someone said, "Tanner." So, I figured it was my grandson and I was kissing his nose and tickling him. He was so in character, but he was wiggling around when I tickled him. SHOCK!! My sweet daughter Marnie told me it was John's son. Yeah, he's an adult. I got so embarrassed I almost left the engine. Someone else goofed and said it was Tanner, like little Eirely and I knew for sure it was my grandson, just a trick...but it taught me a lesson.
It's so fun to start the season with the parade. We are yelling Merry Christmas and waving to our friends. I saw some even coming out of the hair salons with the "weave foil" in their hair and big aprons, to watch the parade. Oh, my gosh, is that great or what?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Build A Mansion and They Will Come. We Had a Huge and Wonderful Thanksgiving

Today started the most backward & upside-down Thanksgiving ever! Not at all bad, just really crazy fun surprises flips & COMPLETELY full of Gratitude!We had turkey soup with the sister missionaries  the night before Thanksgiving with the missionaries for dinner. Oh, and we had turkey sandwiches for lunch before the soup. I'm getting new glasses. (thought I'd add that) And we are doing it all over tomorrow. I took a picture of my pass-along cards for me to give out to my friends. They are new and wonderful. Oh, do look at the wonderful new and They will be up and starting to run TOMORROW! The pass-along cards go with it. Oh, and just a note, you know, the firefighter is my son's buddy on He one that made a wonderful video. They are in the same ward and have firefighting in common. Brothers, yes!

Well, it's tomorrow, now and Kiely, my little newlywed cooked maybe 8 or 9 pies, a turkey, dressing and it was sooooo yummy with cran-raisins and walnuts. She is an amazing cook. So our my other daughters. Yum. Marnie made lots of food and Tressa did also. I was so surprised by my mother's fake funeral potatoes. She tricked us with pineapples instead of potatoes and the dish was wonderful.

I can't believe I didn't take pictures. Steve was still on duty and his crew came with the ambulance and paramedics. Wow! I think this was the first year there were no calls. Dustin and all his was so fun. Even my neice from Santa Fe was able to come with my sister Lori and her Steve. Huge household of family. Marnie...big houses make for big events, huh?

I did take most of my decorations that I had made over to the party and my "Thankful Manzanita Tree" was a hit. It had a little owl perched on the branches with the leaves. I loved reading all the gratitudes on each leaf of the tree. Lee Lou Blogs and  they were beautiful.  The colors so bright and fun. I always take pictures of decorations so I don't have to think about where it all goes each year. Journaling with pictures.

I regret not getting pictures, but I've done so many lately that I thought my family was just worn-out.  I did want to play a Turkey Bingo that I saw on another site. I would have had to wrap 42 presents and then we would have played a game where you put the presents on the middle of the floor set the timer for like 5 to 10 minutes depending on the amount of guest and then roll dice until someone gets doubles. That person receives a present and is out. The game is played until all the presents are taken and the time is up. The blog that I looked at had a trick present like sardines, but that wouldn't have gone well with my Norwegian family, they like that stuff. Anyway, after everyone has their present you are free to take someone else's present. But just one time. Good dollar store goodies. It wouldn't have "flied" with all the guys on duty. Maybe, next year.

We need a new tradition. hahaha  It used to be the Twilight Zone Marathon until the kids complained about black and white TV. Then, we watch a TV version of Tremors, how dumb, huh? But, we like it because we could say the least the nice version. Never weird is that?

Here's some of my decorations &
  The Print-outs are from the Lee Lou Blog Site:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Danger Ranch Strikes Again. Another Fire Call at Our House

We had a smell of electric wires burning last night about 2:00 am. I awoke from a very sound sleep and couldn't find my Steve or our flashlight. The smoke-detector was not going-off. We hadn't replaced the batteries, like we did our dumb clocks. Steve came back with the car and told
me he was searching the area for a fire, because he couldn't believe it was our house. We stayed awake. This is not happening, but Steve left us this morning for duty and the smell became more obvious. I called the firefighters to come out and check this time with the camera and they all couldn't find anything in any plugs, attic, and basement or fuse-box. They all left.

Then, the smell changed, and Matthew, Kiely's new husband, thought it was the
space heater from Kiely's bedroom. I called the fireman again, two engines and
six on-duty firemen. They brought out the heater I was in the adjoining room fervently
praying that the firemen would find the cause and we could sleep and feel safe.

The firemen held the heater, my newlywed daughter and her husband were using it
in the front bedroom and Adree, my little grand daughter said, "Plug it in." My husband's crew did just that and it blew fireworks all over my kitchen and actually started little fires in my kitchen sisal rug."From the mouths of babes...." I'm so grateful she listened to the Spirit. Our earnest prayers were answered. Faith. We all have so much to be grateful. this Thanksgiving.

I Needed A New Rug Anyway

A Memorial To Little Kiely's Dog and Best Friend Forever

Our Beloved Dog, Little

Little dog or Little Pig had Liver failure and a stroke took her her vision away completely.
It was amazing that Kiely made it home to hug her good-bye. We worried that the time would come and Little couldn't hang on any longer.No tears except last night, when Kiely saw just how she was failing so fast. Little cuddled-up in Kiely's arms and Kiely cried. The dogs eyes were closed and she felt she was finally where she wanted to be for the last six months while Kiely was at school. The dog fell asleep and Kiely laid her down on the blanket, but as soon as Kiely left the room our Little struggled to her feet to find Kiely. The dog was completely blind, but as Kiely entered and met her at the swinging kitchen door where Little's nose was peeking. Little's stub tail and rear wagged with happiness.

Little even smiled and I hadn't seen that in months. Before we all went to bed I overheard Kiely say as she laid down beside her weary body, "Little, "Can I seal you to me?" Little's tail wagged. **tears**

Darby, Our big red Queensland Heeler is standing on the rocks they placed Little under the Big Oak Trees. Her rival in a way and always trying to be Little best friend. Darby let her eat first, let her sleep in her bed and watched over her when she was lost.

Always there to greet us, I will miss her happy greetings.

Little even walked Marnie and her sweet kids home.
She followed all the kids around as they played and watched over them
as their watchful protector.

Little never had her own puppies but literally adopted every
lamb and goat kid that landed. She protected all her babies.

The Last Battle

If it should be that I grow frail and weak
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then will you do what must be done,
For this -- the last battle -- can't be won.
You will be sad I understand,
But don't let grief then stay your hand,
For on this day, more than the rest,
Your love and friendship must stand the test.
We have had so many happy years,
You wouldn't want me to suffer so.
When the time comes, please, let me go.
Take me to where to my needs they'll tend,
Only, stay with me till the end
And hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.
I know in time you will agree
It is a kindness you do to me.
Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I have been saved.
Don't grieve that it must be you
Who has to decide this thing to do;
We've been so close -- we two -- these years,
Don't let your heart hold any tears.

-- Unknown
Our Bree sent this poem to Kiely

Little Pig was her real name. She was the smallest and the little ugly, pink runt that no one wanted because her eyes were almost white and she was ugly and scary. The very small tail, bent-over ears, and of course her huge appetite for such a little pint-sized dog just named herself.

On the vet records she was Little Peg, because I didn't want to hurt her feeling. She was one of those amazing "kindred spirits" always posing in all our family pictures, without us even knowing or even slightly aware Little had placed herself in a prominet place in each picture, and smiling. Little did love cheese. She just knew she belonged in the family.

Little was a joy and a blessing and I will all my life be grateful for her and not only her loyalty and love to us, but for saving Kiely from the rattlesnake. Kiely was reaching for a ball and Little saw that the snake was ready to strike Kiely's hand. Our Little dog hated snakes and was very afraid of them, however she jumped-on the snake to save Kiely from the bite and took it herself. She was blessed because it was the back hock that was hit and the teeth went through the thin part of the back leg just under the tendon; she had received a dry bite and wasn't hurt, just four holes in her skin. No poison.

Little has a beautiful stone remembrance plaque made by Kiely and her new husband Matthew. Coincidently, Little went to heaven on her birthday. All is good and we were very blessed by her companionship and love.

I'm so grateful for Matthew's love for Kiely and the tender way her sweetheart comforted my baby daughter when she needed lots of loves and hugs.

She'll find you in Heaven 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

10 Things My Husband Wants To Change About Me

 This should be, "10 Things I Hate About You" He corrected me and said, "It's a lot more than that!" I started laughing and over the months we have been making a list and taking pictures & documenting every single thing I do, that makes him just grit his teeth. I thought a couple times, he'd just might "pop a tooth"

Here's is an album of all the things that make my husband truly crazy. It's 25 things, but not growing. I think I'm actually getting better at the crazy things I do.

We Are Growing Old Together

#1 He claims that I can never say yes or no. It all comes with a story. Even when Steve says, "Just say yes or no." I still have to tell him all about it with examples. I really must be Native American. Steve says First Nation People don't say much, but I promise...that is the way of the "Old Crow." Really.

#2 These shoes are the "hippie shoes" he hates. The clogs when in the trash the day after we were married. I love my Birkenstock. I promise to only wear them with socks and my favorite dress.
#3 I admit cans rolling around on the floor are annoying, but I don't want them falling-out when I get-out of the car.
#4 I have a huge problem with the air-conditioning. I have a hot flash and I need it so cold it freezes his hands and then I'm so cool after that there isn't a way to get warm quite enough. I ask him to adjust the air to hot. He won't do it--he just says, "Wait a little while until you are too hot again" I can't do that, so I always take a jacket, sweater, or blanket and that makes him crazy...I do it even when it's a hot day.
#5 I always bite my fingernails and he bought this to help me to keep my nails from cracking and putting my fingers in my mouth.
#6 He hates all garden art. Yes, I have some...but it's the natural garden that he loves; not the stuff that is placed in the yard to surprise the viewer. Steve does like the stone bench and the hammock in the tree, but they're there for comfort. We never agree where to plant anything!
#7 This is a cupcake holder and anything resembling this object, it's on his throw-away list.
#8 I have an arrow on my yardage scraps. Oh, if he knew they were there, they would be gone. I have to hide them. He also hates my wool from the sheep and I've stashed them in the basement in a rubbermaid container and big plastic bags. I'm safe, he won't go in the basement because of the spiders.
#9 He dislikes all my purses and will never put his hand in my purse for anything and if I ask him hold one for me temporarily, he rolls his eyes. I know I make Steve hold it way to long.
#10 There are a few things in this picture that make my husband crazy. A paper towel for a napkin. Picnic -ware setting at the table. A tablecloth that is wrinkled and soda in a can, worse even it's a soda for a meal and Diet Dr. Pepper on top of that. Steve wouldn't say anything, but I know that this just grinds him and I'd have to drink the soda. Poor me.
#11 I always lose my glasses. I don't have a place for them so they just come off my face and end up anywhere. I can't find the glasses because I can't see them. These glasses are a problem anyway, because they are camouflage frames. I have a red arrow pointing them out.
#12 I need to watch the water. My grandchildren leave water and since I've tried to drink more water, some bottles end-up half full. There's lots of wasted water and money. I know I have to be better, I repent.
#13 My weird decorating style just started this year. I hope it doesn't stay, actually I think my piano looks really crazy. A bunch of stuff stacked-up to save the "little ones" This will change starting next Monday. I already have the new plan.
#14 This is "Danger Ranch" so no lit candles ever. Even regular stuff causes fires. We have set the record for the most calls in Santa Paula ever. Steve threw all my candles, warmers, and anything with a lit flame away. I did get a whole bunch of new look-a-like candle flicker thingies.
#15 I leave a wrapper to the's gone. He picks things up as fast as I might set them down. So now I put anything in my pocket and make one trip to the trash can.
#16 Steve hates string cheese. I eat it in strings and it makes him crazy. Also, anything eaten in bed it taboo. I did that when I was pregnant to prevent morning sickness, as in soda crackers. I so want to eat breakfast in bed just one time. Nope.

#17 I probably should think before I rip open bags. Potatoes are the worse. It looks like a rat has gotten in our food. I've done that since I was a little kid. Does that make me spoiled?

#18 Below is my husband's pet-peeve even before we were married. I like soft butter, so I make it softer by scraping it off the top. Yeah, and I do dig once the "dig" is started. Steve takes pats off the cube Now, we only buy tubs, but Steve doesn't like tubs on the table.
#19 Steve hates all sprays. I know that he likes them on me or how they make my hair look. It just frosts him to come-in a room when I've just sprayed anything and he breathes it. Big exception is the Fabreeze spray. I've put a red arrow highlighting that item. I won't go to the reason why he likes that spray. Confession: Not his fault...Prevacid, really needs to reveal to all in their ads, really horrible and lowly side-effect. Makes me crazy.
#20 Oh, dear...I take the pop cozy with me and he will hold it for a little while, but laughs the whole time because it's just ridiculous. Yep, that's the word. One word for silly, absurd, and laughable. I try.
#21 Listening to music at night. It's a bit of Jazz, but soft with crickets and birds, or rain and thunder. Steve tells me it's hard to listen to the scanner and the music at the same time. Dang...I was drowning-out the scanner. Honestly, the scanner gives me bad dreams. I don't sleep well.
#22 Okay, I'm with him on this. I don't really like bumper stickers. But, I wanted this one. I thought it said, "Got Deer." My dear husband said, "No, it's not that" "But, I want deer in our Forbidden Forest" We went back and I saw what the bumper sticker really said. Nooooo! That is just wrong.
#23 I know this is weird, but I like spiders. No, I don't like Black Widows or the very bad ones at all & webs..I don't like walking through webs especially in the dark. The webs are sticky, but I do love Tarantulas. I do. Don't do this at home because I found out later that the little hairs on their feet and body hair can get into your eyes and barb the lens of your eyeball. Very bad news if that happens. It had very soft feet and this one nested in my hair. The plus side of spiders is that they eat flies. Thank you, Charlotte! (book: Charlotte's Web) I know our Bernice would say like Charlotte, "Well, I am pretty. Nearly all spiders are good looking. I'm not as flashy as some, but I'll do" I took a picture of our spider, Bernice. She lives just outside our kitchen window.

#24 Steve dislikes, not harsh enough word...he hates anything flannel. I know my hat is wool, but it is plaid like flannel. My husband likes frilly. My pink flannel nightgown is pretty and my shirts are comfortable. Who cares what you look like when it's so cold that your ears freeze? Okay, I'll wear it all when you are on duty.

#25 On the right, I posted a picture of my bed sheets. Oh no! The sheets are flannel...that's not good-- but the really bad thing is that I lift the sheets up and flip them under my feet. I hate the feeling of my feet in tight flat sheets. I want be a burrito of the covers. I put another arrow of the mattress showing when I got-up this morning. This is one thing Steve should really ignore. I've done it my whole life and for 40 years. I do it every, every night.

I won't start counting the livestock that makes him crazy. He loves the horses...well some of them. He loves all the chickens if they are producing and the cats if they are working. Dogs work. Sheep, goats, donkeys, cattle, and pigs are just not the fun for him that they are to me. Guess what? He walks out the door and over his head is a little sign (not a real pretty vinyl one) are the letters spelling three words: "Get Over It" And I'm blessed, because he does.

It's true love......