Saturday, January 22, 2011

60 Years & Old Still Tempted

I almost fell out of bed this morning knowing I had to hurry and feed the livestock and various other creatures that roam the ranch. My new electric blanket was so cozy, maybe the wired-blanket, new purchase, was not such a good idea. My bedroom was cold, even though I know it's a whole lot warmer outside. I checked my phone..70 degrees. By the time I'm out there working I'm going to red-faced and wishing I had only my jeans, sturdy shoes and a light T-shirt.

I went straight to the kitchen to find something to put inside my gut so that my heart pills wouldn't cause damage to my already messed-up digestive system, my stomach particularity.  I don't want cheese, no crackers, and I looked in the cookie jar for "I-don't-know-for-what-reason"  I know now. There in my hand was a whole bag of Dove Bars, extra dark chocolate, my favorite. Oh, this will make me feel like I'm on top of the world and give me a bit of "go" to do the chores this morning.

I carefully opened each one and.... because, I suppose, I did have my glasses on my face..I noticed that there was a note on the inside of the wrapper. A message. The first one said, "You are invited to relax today." I didn't much think about it, like I would do for a horoscope or fortune cookie admonition or wisdom : )  in cookie, but the next one said, "Indulge your every whim." Okay...I'm having another. "Be yourself today" Oh, this is weird...I'm myself, everyday. Do I need to change and perhaps, hyper-relax?. I peered outside the window and there was not a cloud in the sky. It was a "run-away day" for sure. Indulge again. I did... and the last one said, "Breathe Deep!" Oh yes, I'm just soaking this all in. I was getting messages that suited me just fine. So I made myself a big breakfast of toast, eggs, and bacon. That is so wrong, really so wrong. The worst thing for a farmer to do is eat before the animals are fed. I was wrong, but my Dove Bars led me to believe, or let me to believe, I needed to relax... the animals could wait.

I couldn't eat all my breakfast because the donkeys were hearing me in the kitchen and I absolutely couldn't let that noise go on any longer. It's Saturday and a morning for others to sleep-in, so I opened the back door and it was like the entire ranch was saying, "You spoiled-rotten, thoughtless, jerk!" "You ate before you fed us!" There was great ire in their scolding and I felt it. I thought to myself, "Breathe deep!" and I walked-out in my bright pink flannel nightgown. Quiet...not a peep. Not a chicken cluck, not a howl from the dog, and I started doing my chores.

I gazed out into the wilderness and thought this was a day I was going to get hurt. I was going to do something stupid trying to make-up for the thoughtless person I had perceived myself to be today.There on the porch, I saw a piece of very old tin and picked it up and turned it over. It had obviously had razors in it at one time. COME ON! Where's MY warning? It's a "sign" that I shouldn't drive, let the animals out, or play outside.
 I know by just reading this won't, "GET-IT" It's just me & blades, razors, shavers, etc. You have to know I've handled them a lot and ever single time, I get snagged somewhere. Didn't want to add that information, but I can see, by rereading all this, the puzzled questions-marks are bound to pop right-up in the thought bubble.

 Where is this all coming from? The "signs" weren't from the right source. They were messages. All not worthy, good, or important to doing my duties, obligations, and important jobs that needed to be accomplished today. I am not going to "run away" as in, back in my cozy bed or even think about relaxing someplace like that. I eyed the swinging hammock near me.

 I am goin' to do some "schmoozing" with the animals, and they LOVE that! I'm going to do my chores, let the animals out to graze, trim hooves, clean and fill troughs, and then start my day over.

Everything I did this morning, I did carefully. No trimming hooves to deep and I didn't hold their skinny legs too tight. I let them kick and give to their unbalance and set each foot down and start again. I only let the sheep loose for the morning without watching them. Goats always need a babysitters. And best of all...I came inside and had another couple of Dove Bars and you know what they said inside---it repeated the first three that I already quoted and the last one was, "Get It Done" and that's what I'm going to do today.


Breeda said...

LOVE this MOM!!! Made me smile and I am glad you didn't get hurt. I love you and it was great talking to you and Dad tonight on the phone.

I hope you have good night!!

Our Aitken Love said...

Thank you so much for all you did today for me. I am so excited to get them all printed out and get going on this project. Your blog is inspiring. I love you

Our Aitken Love said...

I just read this entry again. I love how you included what the chocolates told you. lol

Our Aitken Love said...

I love how you included what the chocolates told you. lol