Sunday, January 9, 2011

Graditude of Family. Road Trip! Woot, Woot! Not Retired, Just Antsy, Right?

 Family reunions are one of the greatest gathering we can have together. Reunions are a glimpse of heaven.

Graditute is a blessed virtue. I have felt so much gratefulness this week for so many things that have happened in my life. I suppose just living through a charging horse knocking me out cold, just a week from yesterday, has made me contemplate how incrediable it was, that I wasn't hurt. I am thankful. I sat down and wrote out so many "Thank-you" cards this week, it took all of a whole day and late into the evening. I still don't think I wrote enough.
Steve walked in last night and announced we are going to Utah again for Uncle Boyd Patten's 90th birthday. Oh, I am thrilled. Our kids are coming down from the north and we are meeting-up with everyone in St. George. It will be a Patten Reunion and I'm so happy some of my grown children can attend, as well. A little unusual run for us to go to Utah since we were just there... and only home less than two weeks.

I can't help but think that the opportunity to attend church is one of my most favorite parts of my life. My recent preparation and giving a talk on baptism, has made my devotion to attendance, my partaking of the sacrament, and reflection on the Savior, so much more meaningful. I love the feeling of the Spirit and I'm grateful for the love of our members toward each other. They are so compassionate and I really saw that today. I came with my mind-set to learn and I did. Elder David B. Haight said in the talk, "Remembering the Savior's Atonement" That,  "Sacrament meeting should be a time of reverence, remembrance, and thoughtful worship." Amen.

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