Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wrapping Toilets Seats With Tulle. Ahhh...So Beautiful!

Today has begun with the fine art of wrapping Christmas packages. Somewhere along the way, I was determined that this year I'm not putting all my presents that I hunt for so diligently, in what looks like decorated shopping bags.

I used 4 year-old wrapping paper that my daughter, Larin had bought from a school kid trying to raise money. It had a bunch of paper on the roll and I mean it was huge! The paper was double backed, thick, and would make the most excellent creases ever.

I'm looking over my stash and pondering how that now, I have all the time in the world. No kids running around--we have an empty-nest and I'm going to make the most of the freedom. It is only the 20th of  December and the long distant packages have already been sent off to Arkansas and states beyond.

  Steve came home and announced to me, like usual, hurry we are going to leave earlier and by-the-way Dustin will be over with his kids in a few minutes because his kids, my grandchildren are going to be with his ex-wife and her family. Oh crap. There goes the "happy spirit" right-out the window. Not that part about "the mom". It's the me! How can I manage wrapping these gifts? I didn't even start with his family presents, the craziness begins! I need to wrap faster, harder, longer. You can do it!

 Now, not only do I have to put the rush-on, but Steve said, "Here ya' go." "I have a bunch of preparedness items to be wrapped for everyone, too. Me, "SWELL!"

This is where absolutely beautiful comes in. I ran (slowly) into the spare room and got out all the 6" and 8" tulle from Kiely and Matt's wedding reception. The tulle ribbon is all burnt orange, but with the beautiful gold and red wrapping it looks like shiny gold. It made the presents poufy-pretty and the ordinary, gorgeous!

Well, here's a little secret, this works really well on very expensive presents, but gorgeous wrap means to children everywhere, that the most beautifully wrapped equals that the insides must be plated with 24 karat gold. Wrong choice for wrapping, maybe it should have been newpapers with tulle.

Steve's choice for preparedness items had to do with battery holders (how fun) and toilet seats. The seats are the ones that go over buckets and they're black rubber. Both the holders and the butt holders were the hardest things in the world to wrap. It would have been easier wrapping-up a tank. Maybe I was just so tired of wrapping. I did most of it just leaning over from my waist to the floor, so I was more than just a bit tired. It was my mighty, magic marathon, wrapping extravaganza. Let's make toilet seats beautiful and the life of Christmas day!

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