Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Life Has Turned

I've been so busy these past three weeks adjusting to my mother's massive stroke and really miraculous recovery.  I took so much of her wonderful health for granted. The other day, I caught her busily putting together a list of all her possessions and assigning to each person that gave it to her or had an interest in her "things." I'm not sure where she even got the pad and pen, but it upset me so much that she was concentrating on that and not looking toward getting well and living. It was morbid. My mom was so depressed. I'm glad I took the whole book and pen away from her and my Steve went out and replaced it with a special pencil and sketch pad to design more stain glass designs. That day she changed, and was laughing. And, I don't know what we were laughing about. It was something we both found really funny and we were both laughing. I suddenly stopped realizing she was laughing perfectly like her ol' self and without a droop to one side. She was happy and me..I was embarrassed for forgetting what we were laughing about just seconds before.

The occupation therapy is a kick! All the normal practicing stairs and going in and out of the shower...The one that intrigues me the most is that she has to play these "Carnie games." My mom can throw stuffed chickens better than anyone. It's like knock-down the Gatorade-weighted-bottles for these "Rizbee Bucks" ??  I never have seen a "Risbee Buck" but the therapists make everything so fun. Yes, her baseball days have been a great asset for a keen eye and now we have to get the great grandkids a new coach. We now know who has the talent for throwing the ball. Steve and I have to try it and yep..she beats us at hitting all the bottles down. Maybe that should be a new goal for myself to learn to throw balls. Our dog would appreciate it so much if I could actually play catch with her. I get the "stink-eye" when the ball goes under the car or on the other-side of the fence. I can see her saying, "Just throw toward my nose!"
We Maybe Visiting Mom, but It's an Attitude of Thankfulness
 Today, Steve saw my mom walking down the hall at the Cottage Rehab Center without help and she looked exactly the same as she has for years. I can't say enough good about the hospital there. They work her all day and are just at her side constantly. I hope in one week I can learn enough to know how to be the same way.

We bought mom some Jelly Bellys at Stern's Wharf. If mom is allowed to to eat Tic Tacs, I say tiny jelly beans can be a real joy...I'm so sneaking them in tomorrow. She wants licorice so bad. Hope she shares.
Life is Beautiful. This was one of our favorite moments at Carpenteria Homeward From The Hospital
As funny as I think it was posting that I was changing my handwriting, it wasn't at all like I'm without things to do. I'm sure Heavenly Father didn't look down and said to himself, "This woman doesn't have enough to do". I was a random thought and I still want my handwriting to be legible. It is still a worthy goal and I'm really trying to learn to have better control when I write notes, for instance at church. How will anyone read my genealogy notes?

New lambs are coming on March 3rd. I need to fix new pens and trim feet-up a little. I'm glad during our hot weather we didn't do the shearing because we are in for a cold spell. But I am shearing their behinds for lambing. Their little rears are just going to have to be breezy.

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Breeda said...

It is amazing to hear about Grandma's recovery and the huge steps to improvement each day. I love you Mom and I am glad that you have this time to be with your Mom.
I love you!