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Corbin's Ordination To The Aaronic Priesthood of God

Tanner and Corbin Sunday after Corbin's
Ordination as a Deacon
My grandson and our son, Dustin's second oldest young man, received the Priesthood of Deacon and was ordained on March 21, 2011 a day after his birthday. The day was glorious and we could see the Channel Islands. It was so clear and the ocean sparkled even from up at the Stake Center in Ventura.

Dustin's home is really near the beach. They have been awakened by crashing waves and mists of heavy fog, but more often, it's the sweet ocean breezes and the constant calls of the sounds of gulls. The palm trees flutter and bend. It's always a beautiful backdrop from his home any time of the day.

Our family arrived hurriedly to the Stake Center to be on time for Corbin's ordination. We settled into Bishop Young's office and before the ordination began the Bishop wanted to take a few minutes and have Corbin and all of us ponder and know that this ordinance is real, that  it is the true Priesthood of God, and that it holds the keys to give the authority to act for God on earth. It is The Aaronic Priesthood and is the beginning and the office of a Deacon prepares a young man to receive the ordinations of the priesthood to come.

 "The Priesthood Is Priceless"
The power is given by those who have been ordained themselves by those having the authority. All the power that is given is from righteous living.  The Bishop also added to all of this, by explaining all the duties and responsibilities that come with the office of the priesthood of Deacon. I feel that all of the words that the Bishop had to say, gave Corbin and all of us there, a real "spiritual jump" to our feelings and testimony of the Gospel.
 The moment Steve, Dustin, and Bishop laid their hands on Corbins' head. I felt such joy, just as I had when Tanner, is brother, received the Priesthood and yes, the same feeling when Dustin had hands laid upon his head to receive those ordinances... growing-up and advancing in the Priesthood.

Here's The Order and Line of Priesthood for Corbin Lazenby
Corbin J Lazenby was ordained by:
Dustin McKean Lazenby
Who was ordained by: 
Steven J Lazenby
Who was ordained by:
J Douglas Lazenby
Who was ordained by:
Kenneth Tanner
Who was ordained by:
Samuel E. Taylor
Who was ordained by:
Orson F. Whitney
Who was ordained by:
Joseph F. Smith
Who was ordained by:
Brigham Young
Who was ordained by:
Joseph Smith
Who was ordained by:
Peter, James and John
Who was ordained by:
Jesus Christ

My pen and pad were in my lap and I wrote notes. I wanted Corbin to remember his blessing and just some of the blessings that could come to him if he kept himself worthy to receive them. I heard a little whisper after the ordinance was given from little Kenna sitting next to me asking why my eyes weren't closed ... because we were praying. I whispered back that I couldn't write with my eyes closed and I needed to write all of this down because all of this was very important. Kenna looked puzzled.

Corbin had been blessed with great blessings and that the Priesthood would be source of strength to help him and assure him, and also help him to be able to assist in his duties, and to be a great help to the bishop. Corbin was admonished to respect the Priesthood and the duties and always stay worthy to receive the blessings that will come to him. He was given a blessing to use his strong personality for good and to be a good example to others. Corbin has the blessing of having others follow him and to use this opportunity to be a great teacher of doing good and living a righteous life. He could encourage his friends and family to do likewise.

He was blessed to serve always in the Church and to magnify his new calling as a Deacon and all his priesthood callings and to magnify this new calling and it will help him throughout his life and give to him a strong testimony and to live righteously to do good, always.

 The priesthood is a protecting and guiding power in a young man's life. We have the knowledge that tell us all, "There is no greater person on earth than a man or boy who uses the priesthood in the proper way."
 "Be Worthy To Exercise The Priesthood"
A couple days after Corbin was ordained, I arrived at Dustin's home with my dear husband. I had been having serious health problems. My daughters had already written my name and called my name into the their local Temples. All my children had been praying for me. I needed help and my medication wasn't working. My son is a single father of four and without hesitation on his part, or even a light tremble of is hands, he placed his hands on my head and anointed me with oil and with my husband, I was able to receive the administration of the sacred Priesthood blessing for the sick.

I had gone to my son's house with a short phone call and told our son that my husband and I were on our way, hoping and praying that he would be home. I didn't worry about his worthiness or his testimony, and I went with complete faith, in the priesthood, my husband and son, and my own faith. I rose after the blessing and hugged him and told him I was so proud of him that he was completely worthy at a moments notice to bless me and I told him how much I loved him, and was so grateful for him. I was blessed to have him. My one son and he lives near me.

Dustin had patterned his life to be an example to his children and now we are blessed with our two young Deacons that now, themselves, hold the priesthood. I was able to see them, the two brothers, pass the Sacrament the following Sunday. Corbin did a wonderful job and again the Lazenby boys were given the center section. Ventura 2nd Ward is so much larger than our ward. It made me smile with gratefulness and my heart was full.

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Very cool Mom. Its good to know that he was able to receive the Priesthood. I had no idea that kid was 12. Awesome. I love your posts by the way!!! Love you! Have a great day.