Saturday, April 23, 2011

Morning and Evening I Ponder My Destination

The forest pathway bends around the trees.
Hiding, but calling me to walk its way,
Turn a corner and meandering I see,
That it goes on and on to take all day.

My hands touch grass, leaves, rough bark and old wood.
Soft breeze shake heart-shaped Aspen leaves and boughs,
Picture perfect clouds, trees, and there I stood,
A portion of Heaven drawn before allows,
My awe of God's Hand only a glimpse could.

Really, every morning and night, my eyes open and close to an old picture that hangs next to my bed. It's my place that helps me know that no matter what my path may lead, it doesn't ever end and if I'm worthy, my path will always be beautiful.

I think of my prayers, my gratefulness (another day and another night, here) my faith, my chance to stenghten myself, repent, purify myself though consecration and charity. And truly endure to the end. I'm so blessed.

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Our Aitken Love said...

This post is beautiful Mother!