Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh, The Joy of Grand Daughters & Miscellaneous Easter Antics

Oh the joys of daughters! My Marnie had this terrific party all themed around "Tangled" movie. A few things were from the store, but her cupcake Rapunzel Tower and her boats of seas of blue jello in clear cups were just darn cute.
Tressa, my oldest daughter, was so giving and didn't attend the party...but helped Marnie by taking Adree to her game.  Marnie was busy with the party preparations and the party and Tressa is such a great help and endless support to all of us when the situations of life get tough and so busy. Mom's just have two arms and one car. Marnie had told us that she was only expecting about five children to Preslee's birthday party.  I'm not sure where she got that number, but her yellow mansion was full of big and little people. And she can really, really put-on a great party!
I swam and worked so hard at my exercising this morning and Steve and I had Mexican food Me, I had "cheviche" for lunch. Yum! Steve had a shrimp cocktail in his favorite Mexican-style with clam juice and cilantro. We rushed to Marnie's to take the two youngest grand daughters to the movies, so Marnie could continue to get ready for the party. The girls were little "Birthday Preslee" and her sister, Kenna. We were off  to see the movie, to see "HOP" and eats lots of popcorn and tiny jelly bellies.
Review on HOP: Unless you absolutely have to see it, don't go. I am particularly repulsed by cartoon movies so I'm not too objective about "those" kind of movies because that's all Steve and I ever, ever see. So, I feel like I'm personally an expert. I also happen to know a lot of bunnies and this movie was about bunnies.

Movies! I haven't seen a real movie since the last Twilight and that was without Steve. He loves cartoon movies, so that's what we see. This movie was not original in any way. Okay, I'll say that it was MADE to not to be an original. It was created  from a bunch of movies, but if was a spoof, that would have been something else. It wasn't a spoof and if you've seen the trailers or advertizing for the movie, you've seen the movie. I complained about the movie and Steve said, "Oh, the cartoon and people combination was done well." "I couldn't tell that the bunny wasn't even real." I don't think that Steve ever says anything bad about, hummm....he just doesn't criticize or find fault. No one really reads my blog, so for my grown children, this is my review: Don't waste your money taking your whole family to see this movie. It would be better to see it on your Netflix or whatever rental deal you all have going... and don't buy it. My Tressa would be the exception to this because she actually saw the Easter Bunny, for real.

Tressa saw the Easter Bunny in the Spring of 1975. We lived out in the rural area west of Santa Paula on a big lemon ranch. We had a big yard and her bed was near the front window that looked-out over the fenced, front lawn. She accurately described a boy rabbit, as very large rabbit with tall ears and looked like a medium-sized Kangaroo. Our family lives far-away from a zoo, we don't live in Australia, and none of our neighbors raise Kangaroos. I'm certain Kangaroos don't wear big bows on their necks or carry Easter baskets.
 I will admit I'm jealous because he didn't come to me first. I didn't want like an ET or something, just the same ol' Easter Bunny that came every year. I would've done without candy and everything!
I'm the one that always wished for a "real" live visit from the Easter Bunny.
 The only live thing we ever got for Easter was a bunch of gold fish that ended-up making their home in our horse toughs and "they lived happily, ever after."

One year the Easter Bunny put Kiely's new bicycle way up in the Oak tree. It was also her birthday. That year, Kiely's birthday and Easter, collided on the same day. Dear little Preslee will sometime have her own birthday on Easter Sunday.

Preslee's party was kids, and kids, and kids, and parents. I was dodging spilled punch and cake to help make the supreme ice cream that was interestingly weird tasting. I won't share the recipe because it was like whipped, purple, butter. My yogurt machine, I guess, is made just for yogurt. Did the kids eat it? The light whipped fat was a hit. Perfect! Fat + sugar + cake + frosting = possible a no show at school the next day for every child there. Well, some, Preslee is only 4 years old and there were lots of the younger ones there. It was probably a long night for the overdosed young ones.

I'm going to dream of real Easter Bunnies, and sent a protest letter to the film-maker and to The Screen Actor's Guild for portraying little chicks as dumb, blond, chicks. The treatment and depiction of the unpaid and unappreciated working class of chicks was hateful and undeserving in the film of "HOP"and unneeded subplot. The movie sent a message to my daughters, all chicks... that they can't rise above their position in life and be leaders and yes, why were they all blond? Chicks in real life are many colors.
Preslee's day was so cute. She was a precious little bundle of fun and every word out of her mouth was angelic except for, "Can I have a drink of water?" over 25 time in a row. and "Can I run across the street?" "Can I undo my seat belt?" (at least she asked) ""Can I go to the bathroom?" "Can I have all those stuffed animals in that box?" "Can I have presents, now? It's my birthday!" "Can I go to the bathroom, again?" Kenna raised her voice and in a motherly, sharp tone said, "No!" Preslee started to cry. I gave her a napkin and said pat your tears you need to show-up to your party happy and excited, not with tears. I told her, "You can cry about this all tomorrow when your friends have all gone home." Preslee said, "Okay!" "Good idea!" 4 years old and she "cowgirled-up" right there. Hope I can take my own advise to not be easily offended and just tell myself to think about it tomorrow. And, by then, it won't be important. Sounds a bit like the end of the great movie, "Gone With The Wind" The star character, Scarlett says," I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow."

Okay, I get it. Is it just me? The movie has told all of the real secret. The new Easter Bunny is named Fred O'Hare and he's a human, and Scarlett O'Har(e)a just "hops" right in. I think I need some Freudian psychoanalysis with my associations and compulsion to meet my childhood my favorite mystical, fairytale character. Yes, the Easter Bunny? Maybe.
♫•*¨*•♫♪ Happy, Happy Birthday Preslee, Dear! ♪♫•*¨*•♥•*¨*•♫♪ Happy days will come to you all year! ♪♫•¸♥ ¨*•♫♪ If I had one wish, then it would be... ♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ A Happy, Happy Birthday to you from me! ♪♫•*¨*•♥•*¨*•♫♪ Grandma and Grandpa Love You So Much!


Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures I can't wait to read it!

Susan said...

Yes, Kiely my posts are way too long, always. Takes forever to write and I'm not too good at that with the backward sentences and all. I love you and come back!

jenkinsfamliypost said...

I love this post. What great pictures! Thank you for taking my little girls to the movies. That was a tremendous help!

I loved the frozen yogurt, very light and yummy!