Friday, April 15, 2011

The Wellman Brothers, Brad and Scott--So Handsome, Fun, and Best Friends

These two brothers are my younger brothers and they have always been best friends. Brad and Scott have always been blessed with the ability to be great friends with even those whom the just met. I've been told, "You're brothers don't know a stranger." Both of my brothers are outgoing and sociable and they have everything in common with you, and if they don't, they're great listeners. Yes, they are my baby brothers.

Scott and Brad Wellman
 My brother Brad has worked all over the world and the stories he can tell! And every single story is true. Honestly, I have enough material to make major movies. I started to write it all down. Thankfully, I saved all the adventures that his wife, Edie, had written to me about Africa. Brad worked the west coast of Africa and actually had an encounter with a silver-backed daddy gorilla, fished with Crocodiles, and listened to the big bugs hit the metal roof that lulled him to sleep each night. One of the funniest stories was in the late 1980's and his was living way out in the Tarzan-like jungle of Gabon. He was working on contract for Shell Oil and all the incidents and seemly small observations can entertain any of us for days. Brad can even describe his conversation with this really big, really big, hinged beetle. He said, "This big ol' beetle-bug came up to my boots and this huge ugly bug had a full-on conversation with me." "When he was though talking to me, he just did this ten-point turn with his body facing toward his home, and wiggled this way, and that way" Showing us with his hands. I love that story. He's been all over Europe, The Middle East,  his adventure ... seeing the Great Pyramids...Oh, so funny! Asia, and a whole bunch of China.

Scott is a mountain man living up in the high San Joaquin Mountains with his family. He lives the life of hunting, giggin' frogs, and raising his family off the land and doing trucking as his living. He's also a bow-hunter after those big California-type Razorbacks hogs. He skins animals and does a lot of rattlesnake fighting. Scott is always working and fixing things up on his ranch.

These brothers used to surf together and surfed when they were so little, just 2 and 3 years old. They would go out with my dad at the "Cove" or "Mondos" and my dad would hold one and push the other on the board. Dad would fetch the one riding and send the next kid out on the board. I don't think they ever fell off a board until they were a whole lot older. Those big boards just stayed on top of the water. Of course, they moved on to the "hot-dog" surfing and we have lots of pictures. Mom says that she went out with them also, but was so scared the whole time. She doesn't know how to swim. She ended-up spending every single free day taking all the boys to the beach,  even during rain and storms. Real surfers like the storms. There were the Tanks, The Overhead, County Line, The Piers, Mary's, Carp, Ventura Pier by the Fairgrounds, and  The Ranch. I know there are others. Amazing pair of surfers and I think they still love it.

But now...their new love is mining. They love mining gold and who doesn't think of that? I know that it's not the "strike-it-rich" that's their mission or intent, it's the beauty of the mineral, the golden glitter. It is lovely and admiring a small tube of flakes of real gold is hard to comprehend...hahahah apprehend, too. Don't you love spell-check?
Did I say, Brad and Scott love to surf fish?
Lately, they have been prospecting the Opel mines. Oh, and do I love that? It's my birthstone and I've had one from Australia and it was mesmerizing. Their black Opels with the fire inside the stone, just spins-my-head. The fire inside changes and moves and is so unreal. I am in awe of the beauty and astonished at the way these precious stones need to be preserved even when they are mined and weaned-off the mud and water that has preserved, cocooned, and developed these beautiful stones over thousands of years.

Brad and Scott are tenderhearted and love unconditionally with patience, I envy. They're great examples to me. The tears flow easily when they are touched in their heart. My brothers are also great dads and fantastic grandfathers and lucky the grandchildren to have them. They honor the name of Wellman and I'm proud to have them as my dear little brothers.

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