Sunday, May 1, 2011

Off Wellman Way! My Genealogy Is It Going The Wrong Way?

It Is Not Easy and Smooth as Gravy!
 Last week I really felt I was going in the right direction with life. I read the scriptures, I pray, I am anxiously engaged in trying so hard to do good...that I even wrote a poem describing my feelings. The path is beautiful, but the rough bark is there along my trail, I just tripped-over it and I'm dazed. My head just isn't going to work on another family group sheep.
Family Group and Pedigree Sheets
I shouldn't even posting a comment all about this genealogy work because I don't want to discourage anyone from not trying to find their ancestors. When it's good it's very, very good and when it's bad, it is horrid. My backaches and I think need stronger glasses. Or...I need to do this very early in the morning when my mind is a lot more unhindered or better yet, the fog that fills my head just opens up to the "ta-da" moment.
Me..Susan Kay Wellman Lazenby
Why, oh why, do people hook their names into my names? We aren't related or are we? Do I have THAT many more aunts and uncles? Of course, my favorite peeve is the change in the spelling or adding a different middle name. The topping is when all the really old people in the family all have different opinions about who was married to whom or where the great-great grandfather was born, or lived, or even where each are buried. I am finding so many loose ends. I haven't hit any brick walls that everyone talks about, it's the accuracy that really concerns me.
My Grandmother Never Owned A Saloon! Get That?
My load seems lifted as I attended Sunday School, today. All will be made right in the Millennium or in heaven. Whew! I knew that, but I needed that reassurance and still I'm OCD about having what I put on-line in my gedcom. I want to have given my work on my ancestors the best I can provide. Oh dear, meeting my grandmother on the "other-side" and find she was married to her brother-in-law, would literally "frost" her. Yes, someone did do that with her name--it wasn't my hand that did it. I'm not upset, just seeing these mistakes, make me realize how easy it is to pile names in and the work, goes on.

I just love that so many of my ancestors were sentimental and close enough to their family, that they often named their new babies after a beloved grandmother, grandfather, aunt, or uncle. That really leaves for every genealogist, novice or professional, a wonderful guide and precious clue that the family is the right line to follow.
My Mother & Dad Both Have Names Of Ancestors
Maybe it's my job to be the fixer, to prune my large family tree, and place some buds here and there that belong. My tree will be ready and I know it'll really grow and thrive.
Tree from Chatham Games Web Site

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