Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh, Bring It or Not! How Can Be Packed Into A Day

Summertime, it's official. I'm helping and serving my mom, fixing meals and all that household work brings, and making yogurt for my health and bread for others. My genealogy's tugging at me, I faithfully exercise, play with Duelly, my puppy, and I'm still trying to make Darby feel better. I didn't know dogs had "morning sickness" I wasn't tuned-in to how Darby was feeling the first time she was pregnant.

Steve and I are pushing to get all the birthday presents, graduation presents, and expressions of love, and we want to make the sacrifice because we love each one. The beginning of summer is like fire-crackers going-off. We have so many parties right now. Summer brings a sudden surprise of things we forgot--even from just last year. There's graduations, anniversaries, Father's Day, birthdays, County Fair, and vacations? All these things are all right in a row.

I finally went into K-mart briefly for gifts and cards. I hadn't been in there for over five years. Honestly, I looked at everything with new eyes. The store is beautiful and always has been. Santa Paula is blessed to have it here. So much of the fabric has changed on bedding, curtains, and even tea towels. I feel like I've been sequestered away from the world.

My husband and I have these all these blessings to love, have joy and we are filled with so much gratitude. All of this gladdens our hearts.

We are blessed to have great baseball games. How many summer evenings are spent in our young years at the Little League Park? Did I ever imagine when I had young children that going down to the park and over to Fillmore's Little League Park would suddenly be quadrupled? I'm grateful that I don't need to volunteer in the snack booth.

This family has great stars and I'm so proud of each one. Adree is athletic and graceful. She plays baseball and prefers basketball. I can see why, she's tall with the longest legs and great ability for getting the ball in the basket. A basket and points maybe her greatest feat, but with her long, long legs and running ability she maybe the the greatest rebounder and blocker Santa Paula will ever have.

Get Dusty Little Girl!

Our little T-ball girls could entertain us forever the times flies by. The object of the game is sliding into the bases in getting dirty. Fielders spend the ending fiddling in the dirt.

Then, there's the "Boys of Summer" Jake and Dallin. Both are stars. Dallin is now the Karate Kid pitcher with a pause and stance that freaks-out every batter. Oh, I should say he strikes-out every batter and then is a super catcher and surprising great hitter. I thought the main pitchers don't hit. Dallin is the exception. I always thought Dallin's cousin Jake would turn the world of football. He even had coaches looking at him before he was 10. Jake has turned his interest toward baseball. Today, starts his stint with the "All Stars." I'm not surprised of their achievements because of their devoted mothers and fathers supporting them and yeah, athletes run in my family.

Hannah, my grand daughter, is headed to fair with her pig, Kahlua. It's all business with her project and even at middle school her sites are on making money to attend University of Southern California and major in law. She's wanted to be a lawyer since she was in Kindergarten with her "perfect" grade-point average, the world will be hers. Hannah is so wise.

I have no concept or knowledge at what our outta'-state little ones are doing this summer. I see pictures of wrestling suits and swimming suits. I see glimpses of plays and performances. I'm blessed with amazing children that will not let their kids sit. School camp not is "not" provided to send the children-off, because my own children, my grand children's parents, are actively involved in the "camp" activities. My dear families are actively engaged in good works, including that of exercising, sportsmanship, friendships, and love.

Angry Birds A Camp Project Activity?

Dustin's children are the kayak kings and there's two little beach girls that paddle like adults. All ride skateboards together, all play basketball together, and there are more surfboards in their house, than there are people.

 Oh, and guitars! I forgot the Pierpont Lazenby's have a band. Then, the icing-on-cake is his boys activity in Boy Scouts. What a great blessing the boys have in this great organization. Their grandfathers, would be so proud that they are active scouters. I'm grateful to the leaders. I know the work because I was active in the scouting program as a den mother.
My Dustin Is On The Right-My Den Cubs
There are many, many men that work hard within this organization for young men and devoting a lot of time to teaching the young men, while their own children have moved-on to college, or their children are still young. We are blessed.

This all sounds like a Christmas letter six months early. This isn't a letter to brag about my grandchildren or children. It's a remembrance, it's my journal to recall my blessings. This writing's for them to know that I love each one and appreciate all that my children do to enhance each one of their own children's lives.

I've been touched by my grand children's concern and tenderheartedness toward those that have made an error or are hurt during a game, or any event ... and I see the others on the team, do the same to my own family. The team-mates become best friends and so do the parents. There's new friends all around. I see compassion, forgiveness, and true happiness for other's achievements at every gathering.

It's our 40th Anniversary, This Saturday.

I continue to pray and read my scriptures daily. I pray for strenght, comfort, resistance to temptation, and for the Spirit. I have hope and carry the faith that all will work together for our learning, development, and wisdom.


Laurel said...

What a beautiful post.

jenkinsfamliypost said...

:') Tears of joy! We are a blessed family. I love you mom!