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Anniversary: 40 Years

Our anniversary of 40 Years July 2 early morning:  The big anniversary is today and of course, we want to have a little party for this milestone in our lives. Steve and I really wanted it on the day we were married. My daughters are working on it at this very moment, so maybe this will all come together. We are without loads of money and room, maybe it'll our immediate family at the Ward Meeting House to have a dinner. Steve and I know that any other plans would have to side-lined because we need all our extra money to make an important car trip to Arkansas very soon. I think Bree will have her new baby, my grand-daughter, before we get to Arkansas. It's going to be a race

My California daughter and son-in-law are now raising kids in Arkansas. Chip's job is in the oil field industry and could actually be in any part of the world. Oh my, they got their home in the middle of "tornado alley". I am grateful Bree's newborn will be here in the summer-time and not during the month of March and April when it's so hard to manage the storms. My little grand-daughter is going to be named after me and I'm thrilled. Her name will be Susan. My mother isn't too thrilled with that and not sure I understand. Smiles are very big on my face. I never, ever thought my name was anything. How precious my name has now become.

What a Day! Night July 2:         Good Memories & Plenty of Love

Just One of Maybe Three Pictures at the LA Temple
So many many people wished Steve and I "Happy Anniversary". I spent most of my time at my mother's house and between meals and such writing thank yous. I wrote note after note for the "best wishes" from so many. So sweet for everyone to remember. I think 40 years is a big deal. My sister, my brothers, nor my mother didn't acknowledge our special day, and they all knew it was our anniversary. I told them. I'm not sure why... but the day we were married in the Temple, my dad's side of the family that lived in town came to the reception, but my sister and brothers only came because I asked them to be part of the wedding company. They didn't want to come down to the Temple at all and I was so sad when I came-out and didn't see them, there. I have very few pictures. I did hear later that my family, especially my mom's side, had shunned me because of my conversion from being Catholic to Mormon and it was too much for them to celebrate. My step-grandmother, Naomi told me that all of my family felt that IF they weren't good enough to witness the ceremony, they wouldn't come for just a reception.

Naomi was very open about all the bad news and always told me all the things the the family thought of me. At least I knew and I tried to make myself better so that they would come to like me. Everyone, except a cousin in Colorado, lived close enough to attend our reception. I've never mentioned this before, but understand and hold no hard feelings for anyone, in fact, I love them just as much--and do even more as I become older. I love my family and love genealogy and will continue going on and being happy that I was blessed with a great family and hope my children work hard at it, also. I would love for them to make sure all of my family has a chance to accept the Gospel and with that thought, they will have a much greater understanding of The Plan of Salvation. 

Newly Married
My children, especially my youngest, Kiely, knew I really wanted a party at the ranch. It just couldn't be. The change in my life's responsibilities and not accepting a job and caring for my mother, my gardens, my broken porch, and my whole house has need of painting. But even my outside furniture, that gets a new coat of paint every year, managed to escape the white spray-can attack. My yard and my house was not prepared for a party.
Marnie and my grand-daughter, Preslee, and Me!

Me, Kiely, and my dear mother-in-law, Dune

My daughter still sought to have the party and we knew that it would be at the Ward Meeting House. But as any activity person would do...she's had lots of experience with that. She went to work and assigned all the family and that ended-up including my beloved mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law and her husband, and two of my nieces and their families. There were lots of children. Dustin even brought his crew and his "ride-along" from the engine company. (Yes, my Captain Dustin and his crew)

I wish I knew the recipe for the dinner. It was a better version of Cafe Rio's pulled chicken or pork and Kiely's speciality. She taught everyone how to make it for the dinner. That has to be some of my most favorite way to have regular meat, with lots of seasoning and very filling.

My oldest daughter did all the decorating and decorations and oh, so beautiful. Pink and Black! Guess why? She did the decorations with "Good and Plenty" candies. My particular candy disorder is no secret and Steve has a box with him constantly. My Polynesian grand-daughter gifted us with fragrant  leis and both of us couldn't have felt more special. They were like crowns.

We had a wonderful time and my husband even danced with me. My daughter Marnie and her Steve were over the music and entertainment. I was so excited that my knees didn't even hurt when I was dancing. This is a very rare site. I have only danced with my Steve less than I have fingers on one hand.

We even cut the beautiful cake and both of us restrained ourselves and lightly fed each other a small piece  of the cake. My grand-children and nieces and nephews are great entertainment. All of the girls, including me, got up and danced to King Tut, by Steve Martin.

My daughter, Larin, and her family were stuck in Utah.... and Bree well, still pregnant and with orders to not even leave town. I feel their love! Dustin even gave-in to the promise he made to me when he was just 4 years old. "Dustin when you are older, would you sit on my lap anytime I asked?".... He always told me, "Okay!" and he said he would always love me and he would hug me a bunch. That little boy was an easy child to hold and always so happy. It wasn't too long he wasn't sitting on my lap, but he still held the happy nature. Tonight he did, he sat on my lap.  Dustin wouldn't sit long enough for a picture, but I know that was as sweet a thing than I could even imagine.

The music was fantastic and the decorations beautiful. The lovely roses graced my kitchen for days.

I Cherish The Poem Tressa Wrote About Good & Plenty

The food from everyone couldn't have been better. The planning done on Kiely's part was fantastic. Just like an Activities President at College or Jr. Fair Board President would have it. Perfect without a hitch!

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