Saturday, July 2, 2011

Date Night For Old Married People

Friday was the day. It was July 1st, 2011 and we had our weekly date night. Normal as far as husband/wife dates go and they are random days now that I'm taking care of my mother and switching-off with my sister on her care.

Our dates are usually a very cheap 2-D movies.  The new 3-D  big screen, make me carsick and it's completely a waste of money. Before we go my Steve always says, "Get Dolled-up!" How many times have I been wearing make-up, hair done, all dressed and he still says that? Dolled-up, heck! I finally...I finally lost it, after over 40 years. Take me as I am or I'm staying home!

And..... this is another habit of his: Steve stops at the driveway before the highway and asks me, "Who's feeding us?" I do have my favorite places, but often I see in his face the desire to stay in town and not venture to Ventura. As we roll-out of our driveway and out on the highway, he says, "Okay, Peck!" Meaning: He used to cart-around an old man named Mr. Peck and every time Steve would stop at a stop-sign or go out on the road, ol' Peck would look for cars and block his view. He didn't trust Mr. Peck's "Go ahead, it's clear." Maybe Steve had a close-call with  the old man. Mr. Peck is long gone, but I get the "Okay, Peck!" and so I scoot real far back in the seat and turn my head flat tight, so he can see the big curve way down the road.

It's El Pescador, the real Mexican restaurant that has very traditional food and very healthy. We love the atmosphere and the big flat-screen TV that usually show Mexican programs that give each table a view of past, great, recorded shows. My personal favorite is the Mexican singer, Vicente Fern├índez. He sings, rides a dancing horse, and waves his hat. I think Steve likes his girl guests, including Miss Mexico. I will not show her.

My favorite meal at El Pescador is cheviche and the waiters and waitresses don't even have to ask me, they just bring it to me with avocado spread across the top. I've been told that's a Central and South American favorite. It's uncooked Red Snapper Fish that has been frozen for four months, then cured in lime and lemon juice and then added with some fresh tomatoes, onions, and cilantro.

My Serving Is Always Double This Size
Steve has gotten the El Presidental Soup and it tastes wonderful. I
think this is his favorite meal here, even when it's hot outside.

Lately, we have been going to Ventura after our dinner, even if Steve doesn't want to go. He just does it because he knows I like frozen yogurt. (Kisses)  Not the fancy kind of yogurt, just the plain tart, sometimes tart raspberry. But never any toppings. It really does make my stomach feel so much better after taking my heart medication and I love how it freezes my face. Not my head. I eat it very slow.

These dinners have had a interesting effect on my eating habits. I don't like regular meat very much anymore or the smell. I love the salads and really stay away from sweets, with the exception of an occasional Dove Chocolate piece or a huge box of Good and Plenty candies. I used to hate licorice and now it calls to me. But, we don't buy it. Maybe my craving for it will go away and that would be very nice. I'm wincing.Since this all began, dining-out on fish and with my swimming this year, I've lost 36 pounds. I still eat the terrible popcorn at the movie, but not too much. Now that I mulled it over in my mind, I don't think about my eating at all. I think my swimming all the time has maybe changed my metabolism.

I need to note that Good and Plenty has not been a favorite candy of mine for the "kids at home years". I don't remember eating a lot of it as a child. Well, maybe a couple, but when Steve started putting them in his "Strike Team" bag or left them on the counter to take to work, I would eat a little and then--I was hooked. I think he still has them at the fire station. I need to wean myself off of them by calling them names like: "Bad and Few" and "No Good and Piddly"

The next movie better not be another cartoon movie. We watch his shows because I choose the food. "Cowboys and Aliens" looks fun. I may whisper this movie in his ear at night. See....Cowboys and Aliens...SEE...Cowboys and Aliens. That is almost a hilarious combination. How'd anyone think aliens have visited us before now? New topic for the ghost radio talk hosts.

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