Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot Springs, Hot Temperatures, and Hot Rain?

Sensitive? Sorry, Just Looks a'bit Spooky

July 13, 2011
The wonderful trips around Arkansas were cheerful, entertaining, and of course, a celebration of everything wonderful about Arkansas. we laughed hard when we saw a zoo in "Hot Springs" that had a sign that said, "Alligators--Petting Zoo. Do not take small children there! It's not so much the petting the alligators..that's a whole 'nother deal. Looks by the sign they eat the hindquarters off the white tailed dear. The really scary thing there is a stuffed "merman"! Yikes! I looked-up the information on i the zoo and well, of course I knew it was fake. I didn't know it looked like a mummified monster with big claws, sharp teeth, and big holed-out hollow eyes. If I'd seen that taxidermy beasty- creature we'd all would have nightmares.

Funny Sign, Really

We loved taking pictures of everything and the beautiful cabana decorated resorts are filled with bath houses. The buildings on that street almost have cabanas awnings, like Santa Barbara, all lined the streets of Hot Springs and it was it's own small "hallow" of a special mineral water. Many people were stopping to freely gather, in their own huge bottles, to take back home.

A Couple Blocks of Bath Houses For The Special Springs

Don't bother to eat fried chicken at the fast-food type places. Very bad and pee-eww.

Beautiful Homes Everywhere

The town was so interesting and I'm glad we were able to visit this unusual spot in Arkansas. Again, lots of old buildings. Lots of old history with old-time gangsters hiding-out here in the Gangster Days. The whole town was interesting and even had a Magic Mountain place like we do just less than 40 minutes from our front door and... they look they same.

Lake Hamilton On A Pretty Day

Chief Harts Boats Garages and His Awesome Slow Tram to Carry Us!
We were able to visit huge Lake Hamilton. We called and were able to visit with Steve's former fire chief from Ventura County. He and his wife have a lovely large and fancy home on the top of a bluff overlooking the most grand lake. The chief had two boats under a boat garage. We took a tour of their house and then there was a huge rainstorm and lots of lightening and thunder.

Steve Lazenby and retired Chief Hart
In less just a few minutes there was over and inch of rain. I hugged the family's California Dobie and we both shook, scared together. It was so loud. It was over in just a few minutes and as we walked to our car the steam rose from all around us. Oh my heart. I didn't take pictures of the lightening, thunder clouds, and flash flood rain. I was just shaking.

I think all my thoughts rushed back to April when the huge tornadoes ripped through the towns including the big Joplin tornado. The one in Mayflower was at Mile Marker 9, Bree's home is Mile Marker 5. That's too close. I was astonished at the power of the tornado twisting the heavy forest and taking away the tops of homes. The wind swirled .... and on one side of the road was twisted trees were torn and facing west, then on just the other side of the road, the trees had the same twist, but were facing east. The nearby town of Vilona had so much damage and had still immeasurable debris was scattered all though the beautiful countryside. How does this happen?

I pray for Bree to have protection in a shelter. I know it has to be possible. The people of Mayflower have very few places because of the water level is just a couple feet under every one's house. Bree's neighbor has a shelter but it's filled half-way with water snakes and spiders. How comfortable would any of us be with Cottonmouth snakes in the same five by eight foot space? Arkansas does have the most beautiful places and so much great history. Just like everyone says to me at home, I'll take earthquakes any day then worry if the tornado is going to turn and take us out.

After The Storm

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