Saturday, July 16, 2011

Look-out For One Ugly House In Arkansas. Only One? All The Rest Are Beautiful!

July 15th 2011
I can't help but laugh that we still wanted to see, really see... if we could find an ugly home. Sorry, but I always thought Arkansas was filled with mobile homes and old cabins in the low hills. It's the stereo-type that the media brings to us. Of course, it's the completely opposite. We had to go on a huge search. It took forever and we saw lots of beautiful homes, barns, and elegant farms. We did find a couple of ugly homes by the lake and hidden in the forest near the old roads. The places still had neat and tidy yards with nice cars, but one was a trailer sticking out of a house that was built around it. We decided it was a "tornado escape pod"

 These two places were not together and the barn was way-out in the farm land. The barns are really very nice because if ya' wait too long the vines grow all over them and the winds blow them away. This barn will not be there for long and did receive damage from the last tornado. I guess it wasn't fair to add the barn.

I have to emphasize that the homes that we saw were lovely. All the lawns are perfectly mowed and not cluttered with lawn art or old sheds or cars. I was surprised at the large hills, scenic valleys, lakes and streams everywhere.

Wait to you see this one's view!

No wonder so many find themselves pulled-back to their grandmother's homesteads and retire there. Now, with the modern conveniences of air-conditioners in cars and homes, it makes living easy. The days there are so green, colorful in fall, and there's a bit of snow to make the season of Christmas-time ready for Santa Claus. 

The homes below really do show the average home and they aren't too shabby, eh?
The fancy house at the top? Yep, it was in "Pickles Gap"!

All Farm Equipment Is Painted, It's the Rule

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