Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Baby Granddaughter Is born & Her Name Is Susan

My granddaughter, Baby Susan, was born today at 2:13 pm and we missed it. I should say, we just weren't there. I talked to my daughter, Bree, often during her labor and even moments after her birth. There are blessings not only talking on the phone, but instant pictures without even minutes passing before we saw her.

Steve and I had planned to be in Arkansas for the due date of July 11th, but it was meant to be now, as the heat index soars in Arkansas. I thought that if offered an opportunity for the baby to come earlier my daughter would jump at the chance, I remember those days. The only regret would be that we weren't there yet. Steve and I aren't leaving until tomorrow, but Bree will be home by the time we get to Arkansas. I think that's better and I told her so many times that I hope I can be more help after she home.I didn't want her to have to entertain us. Bree has three young children and is a very experienced "pro" at breast feeding, burping, and staying up all night. She was expecting us to come visit her since she announced her pregnancy in November; and used her increased energy, the nesting stage, to completely redo her home and painting it from top to bottom. She is quite a homemaker and I'm so proud of her!

I am so blessed that I have such darling girls and Bree's newborn baby is so precious and so sweet. She was 8 pounds 5 ounces and yes, her name is Susan Eileen. Her first name is my name and Eileen is after our grand-daughter's other dear grandmother Bea Watson. What a wonderful honor to carry and also a responsibility for me. I haven't even met Baby Susan and I already love her and even though I haven't met her here on earth, I think I know her very well.

Oh no, I just made dinner. Steve's on duty and I'm thinking I must have babies in my brain. I made a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner and if I have my glasses on, it's a a image of a baby, really! It's right here on the top of my grilled cheese sandwich. Well, studying it...it could be the marshmallow man from "Ghost Busters" or a bear, or Jack Jack from the "Incredibles" My brother thinks I have lost it ... as in: I'm hallucinating!  Finally, he saw a picture of my grilled cheese sandwich with a reverse negative image of a baby on the fried area. Scott told me I should start a McSusan's and people would come from all over to order an orange juice and a grilled cheese baby. Right when he said that to me, my thoughts flew to "Pawn Brokers" a reality TV show, and then quickly to eBay, and then "Duh!" I should be entering the grilled-cheese sandwich with the baby on top in the fair. Nope, I'm too hungry and I don't have more cheese, so I'm just eating it right now. I did take a picture to save... for I don't know what reason. This is just to typical when I'm this happy and jumping around on cloud nine!

Maybe crazy happens to grandmas and grandpas when we become  grandparents again. It feels just the same as the first wonderful moment of having our first one. Our love doesn't diminish or thin-out between children, it grows larger and deeper. Inside my heart, I feel this is a testimony of the love that Heavenly Father has for all of us. Not lessened by the numbers of "His children" but growing all the time. We are here to feel "Joy in our Posterity" My refection in the mirror even magnifies my image of today's great happiness.

Isn't Susan Beautiful?!

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