Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pools, Ponds, Lakes, and Snow?

 July 20th
We are having a really great time playing here, 
in Salina. I hope we are able to visit this place often.
Oh, my husband had pictures of the last day of summer pool time.

I'm glad now I didn't go. Jaxon would've scared me
so bad. That little 4-year-old has no fear. Jump, jump,
jump all the way down the diving board
and into the deep end of the pool.

 Hop, Hop, Hop! No Jaxon! Be Carrrrreeefull...

They all came home like wet kittens, shivering, but it
didn't take long to drive bomb their grandpa and show
me every toy they had in the house.

He's DONE!
 Time for the Grandpa Wrestle!

 And now the toys come out! Yay! Playtime.

July 21st
I want to go back to the Fish Lake Area that Kit Carson discovered long ago. There's a little pond, way up high and it's stocked with lots of brown trout. This isn't watch I ever imagined when the kids talked about catching fish, here. The place is covered all the way around with white columbines and Aspen Trees and as we look a little higher there are great mountains even higher covered with pine trees.

The Little Pond With Big Fish
 I ran after cows and yes they had their newborn calves. We were at 11,000 feet and me running fast is about as slow as the desert tortoise, maybe slower. I loved the flowers. There's Indian Paintbrush everywhere and small Lupine and all other yellows, and white, and pink blossoms everywhere. On the gulches there was snow on each north side still waiting to melt. I have a feeling this year it might be a long wait until next summer. We went on dirt roads, climbed around on rocks and crossed bridges of streams and ate a grand picnic lunch by the lake. An old cowboy was herding his cattle up the hill and walked by us on his horse moving a bunch of cows along to the pastures above.

 Chasing Cows at Over 11,000 Ft. No Way!

 Indian Paint Brush Everywhere with Blue Lupine
 Yes, Snow in The Summer After Our Trip
Of Continual 106 Degrees. What'a Change

This is a cowgirls dream. I quickly looked around and with my glasses I saw that a lot of pine trees had died. The Pine Bore Beetle that we hate so much has killed destroyed thousands of acres of trees. Reality is that this like so many of other forests is going to burn. We are told often that the reason for forest fires is caused by man that is true and untrue. It is caused by usually lightening, but it's the lack of proper forest management in removing "Pine Bore" struck trees. The loggers should be in full-swing taking-out these trees, a cowgirls nightmare is just around the corner.

The trip wasn't real long, but just enough before the children became tired. The only wildlife we saw were some deer, BIG fish, mosquitoes, and these crazy little prairie dogs called "Pot-guts" I don't like rodents, but these little stand-uppy puppy looking animals were really cute. I asked my son-in-law Matt, "Are those REAL prairie dogs?"  He said, "No, they're target practice." Okay, I got the Utah answer from Kiely and yes their name are "Pot-guts".

July 22nd
We went to another lake and this time the wild life included a bunch of students from Snow College and my grandchildren. I'm not sure I could've swam in the lake. Lake water smells a lot different, even from a lawn chair under a tree. We loved the pictures we took of our family and can see the bond that Larin's children have with each other.

Very Cold Lake

No Matter What Bait Fishing Is Fun
We leave tomorrow. Steve had the camera most of the time in Salina. He went more crazy taking pictures than I did. I wish vacation would've lasted longer...but we all say that. A very exhausting day Fish Lake and Paradise Lake and back to the Knapp's to pack-it-up for the long road ahead.

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