Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sali-nah or Slide-ah or Salina, Utah

Photograph by Patty Masker
July 19th, 2011
Today had already been a great day. We had seen many great and wonderful sights and more importantly visited and was reunited with my family that I had longed to see and visit. My memories of Colorado had faded like my pictures that I have saved from my little red and silver Brownie Camera. All was breath-taking and not because of the high altitude. The San Juan Range is the most scenic place I've ever been. No wonder my great grandparents stopped here and homesteaded and began cattle ranching and dairy farming.

If I was going to have anytime with my grandchildren I knew we needed to get-off this tall mountain and high-tail it to Utah. It upset me more and more than Steve was called back to work shortening our days to spend with my daughter Larin and her Dave and sweet little children. We picked-up my prescription that had been called-in at Walgreen's and then called our little Knapp Family in Salina. It made us uneasy to hear that our grandchildren were still waiting on the front porch to greet us and we hadn't even started-out toward Grand Junction, Colorado. 

Our trip from Grand Junction to Salina was a sharp contrast to the green, high, snow-topped mountains. We felt this travel was like one on another planet. The earth didn't have a blade of grass. The rock piles seemed to be artist's depictions of other worlds.

It was more than wonderful to finally arrive to Salina and see our family. Salina, at last and our final destination before our travel home. How much can we cram into a couple days before we try and head home.
 We're Almost There...

 I'm not sure I wanted to see the country or visit historical sites.
I wanted to talk to my children and grandchildren.
The Little Princess

It's so hard to say all the thing you need to say to each other when we're all in a car. It was wonderful that Bree had a new baby and wanted to stay home, because we wanted to be with them all and visit and play in their house, see their favorite things, hobbies and share their ideas. I absolutely loved the small trips and if there was one thing I wanted to see it was a firefly and the second evening there, Steve took me out near dusk and everywhere fireflies played.

My grandchildren's personalities as diverse as people can be, but they all share a special bond of  "silly" and say the most hilarious things. Some of their conversations are so sweet that humming birds peck at the windows to come in. The boys thrive on goofy.

He was So Happy We Were There I Got Jaxon To Smile!

I love it because they are my children's children and goofy is what I love.

So Fun Hearing All the Great News!

 My Beautiful Knapp Family In Salina, Utah

Posting this blog on the 24th of July. I would love to be in Utah during the Pioneer Celebrations! Someday.

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