Friday, July 15, 2011

Toad Sucking In Arkansas and Playing The Spoons

July 14, 2011
New place and we were very astonished at the town of Toad Suck. I thought it was a run-down railroad town with the big Arkansas River flowing through it to pick-up loads from the railroad. Well, let me tell you that place is unbelievably delightful and stunning. I believe it's part of the City of Conway, Arkansas, as in the historic district. It was just beautiful. The water in the Arkansas River was glassy and so blue. It did have barges but they didn't even leave a ripple and the green grass went right to the edges of the calm lake-like expanse of river.

View From Toad Suck Park Arkansas River
Large Barges Run Though Locks & The River is Major Commerce Route 
My Bree & Her Family Live Somewhere Over The Mountain
If a fish is caught there a person can actually get paid to catch all different kinds of fish that live in this river. I think Lake Conway has the same deal. It's a bit of drawing, but a person can get up to $100.00 for turning in the tag and a person can still eat the fish or release it. Fisherman's choice.

We were able to see a great show at the library with this famous spoon-player.
The Perfect Spoon Player

My Granddaughter Was Chosen To Perform

 I know that he is from another state, but does make one of his stops here in this little town to entertain everyone, adults and children. It was Arkansas culture and everyone was involved in his presentation. The event was so much like the greatest school assembly. Mupu School would love this guy, he's crazy. The library is across the street from Bree's house. The easy access enriches the little Watson's with so much more than books, but they always have new books to read and access to computer programs geared for every age group. Good for them!
Too Tired For Grandma

She had too much chocolate, huh Bree?

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Bree said...

Wonderful Memories!! Thank you Mom and Dad for coming out here!! I love you!