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Who Was That Masked Man?

July 7th, 2011
Awake early! Are you awake? Both of us want to linger in this great Tipi. Steve's pacing-out the diameter and we're taking pictures of everything. It's twenty-three feet from one side to the other, and we aren't in the biggest Tipi, here. I have to say this is perfect. "Could I build a Tipi in California?" Steve is looking at me and says,"If you have enough re-bar, I guess you can." I can tell that he's saying that, knowing full-well that I'm not going to get a Tipi, but I have loved staying here in Tipi 3, Holbrook, Arizona.

The Lone Ranger and I are packed-up and heading out for Indian Pass. I'm his *kemosabe* (sushi comes to mind) but I think Tonto was a famous Scout and that phase meant, *BFF as in Best Friends Forever*

Nah! No separate vacations --- He loves me!

That's me, Tonto the scout...leading my Ranger into unknown territories. The car is anxiously started *rear-back-up* and Steve announces in his loud manly voice, "Hi, Oh Silver--Away!"

Yes, the Camry is silver. And the horse on TV's a ZIT-- (link to explain) Noooo, he really didn't say that, the "Hi, Oh, Silver thing" ... I made that up because I'm really a "scout" Steve's real words were, "What in the heck are you doing?" "Are you looking for another yogurt shop?" "Sorta' " I'm really doing two things and both, not very well. I'm keeping this journal, BUT because I can't ride in the car I'm, can't think of the word --SPINNING! I'm trying to do all this real fast so I can look-up and not get carsick and I'm also texting all the towns on Route 66 for yogurt shops. (read that real fast, again)

My answer is vague and short, but I suppose Tonto does have other meanings in a few other languages actually quite fitting for me. However, at this time, I will not let-on about the unfounded translations of "Tonto" in this blog. The reason is ... because I belong to the Tonto (Jay Silverheels) Fan Club and I carry a box of silver bullets in my purse. And in case you have never seen The Lone Ranger, he leaves only a silver bullet and disappears without the rescued folks knowing his name.

I really do! The metal tin says, "Bite The Bullet" and the bullets are mints. I have opened them a few times in Church.

Gallup, New Mexico is extraordinary. I love the red mountains, rocks, and desertlands. I want to get-off the road, but we have to keep moving. The rock formations look like they're from the movie,"Cars."
Oh, we did stay in a Tipi with a Tow (I thought his name was Tom) Mater parked next door and
we are on the "Cars" road. Duhr ...
The Silver Camry is Tipi #3 (red arrow) and Tow Mater (white arrow)

We found these in the Morning--They advertise the Petrified Wood
Breakfast Kitchen Here?
What a' We Gonna' Eat?!?
This Unfortunately was Framed In Front of  My Plate
New Mexico
I'm glad we said our prayers this morning. A truck driver was not paying attention and his back wheel tires lifted-off the road when he swerved and went out on the gravel. Steve and I were right behind him and were beginning to pass the truck when that happened. I gasped, which is similar to deeply inhaling very fast. I got a close-look at the driver and he was still trying to light his cigarette when we passed him. We are so grateful he was able to right his truck and gain control.

I stuck my head out the window and yelled, "Smokin' es bery bad por you, okay?!" --Pepe King Pawn
Nah! I didn't do that, but I wanted to. Now my shaky hands are holding a pen--and I'm looking down writing. Steve's saying, "Take a picture, you're missing this!" Oh, how many times am I going to keep hearing this. Me, "Look-up!"

Tucumcari, New Mexico! Oh, this is real Route 66. Honestly, this is actually the third time I've taken a picture of the La Cita Bar sombrero in the middle of town. The place is not in business. Actually, the town isn't much in business. The reason for the sombrero is because we had a La Cita Bar back home. It wasn't a good place in Santa Paula, but this hat is just fantastic. "Love the hat!"

 Santa Paula Sombrero But The La City BAR, not the guy...

We're stopping for gas and *low and behold* I'm looking down on my Adroid Pad at a college town, Albuquerque. This place has got a bunch of frozen yogurt shops. Do you know that college + young, health-conscious adults = frozen yogurt? The shop is next to the freeway and all I'm thinking is... it's so scorching hot and never-mind lunch. Yippee!

Oops.*Sigh* Sad face. It's all too sweet and they don't carry tart flavor.

The West Texas Panhandle was perfect to cruise just as the sun's going down and it's taking a long time. Oh yeah, Big Sky. The sunset is illuminating all the sensational landmarks that dot the prairie. The whole place is filled with cattle, alfalfa, and fields of grass. It is breath-taking and I know that statement isn't really what a lot of people think about the Panhandle but to me, uncluttered and open with an enchanting sunset is breath-taking! Every-so-often so we're seeing a Route 66 fun touristy sites popping into view, like the Cadillac Ranch and the Bug Ranch, the leaning water tower, and the huge cross. I was a little nervous about all the deer next to the road. We just saw a huge buck in the center divider, maybe it's a statue to make everyone slow-down.

Ventura County.

One place has my frozen tart yogurt and it's an inviting place. Amarillo, Texas.
It has a frozen yogurt shop and it's right off the freeway."Steve, see the off-ramp?" "See?" "Turn right there!" Yum. Now, I'm set for sleep. Elk City, Oklahoma is calling me.

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