Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is Fair, fair?

I always told my girls that entered project animals in the county fair that they needed to understand that the Fair isn't fair, ever. Even if you win. It took a lot of convincing, but they "get it" now that they're grown. Actually, is all of "life" fair?  I think all my kids earned a buckle and received ribbons that covered their walls, but the only thing that I told them that I wanted them to really remember was to do better than the year before. Doesn't matter how they place, just do your very best, put forth a bunch of effort, and be poised and as sweet a lady as we expect from our family.

Hannah's Ribbons Are Lovely & We Know What They Represent
I went as a mother with my girls to Fair and I think as upset as any of my girls became for whatever reason, the moms have it way worse. It's not heaven at the fair, it's like the other place. I cried when they cried, I suffered when they showed their animals, I fretted and packed, hauled junk from one end of those fairgrounds to the other, and even worked the auction, did loads of paperwork, the list is endless.Yesterday, I went as a grandmother just there to take pictures and suddenly I had all those memories of... ahhhh, "torment" comes to mind. Yep, all those memories came flooding back, as I saw my daughter watching her daughter. Yesterday, Hannah showed her pig in the judging class to have it placed and be numbered in the auction.

What A Terrific & Loving Mom I would Never Do Hog Boards!

I'm so proud of Hannah and all she accomplished yesterday, she came-in fourth, in her class. A fourth class out of 302 pigs is excellent. The judge was amazed at the muscle that Hannah had on her pig. He weighed 271 and didn't have as much finish that he needed, but if he had the finish, her pig... Kalua, would have been over the weight limit. Judge Holland really liked Hannah's pig's confirmation. The impressive part of all this is that she picked the pig herself, all by herself.

Oh Happy, She and Kalua Were Penned--She's Going To Place
Still Showing In The Pen. Good Practice for Showmanship, Saturday

I saw a grown-up girl poised and not one bit flusstered though-out the crazy circus that pig shows always are and I'm grateful that she really took the time to know everything she could about her animal. Hannah was a "pro" at showmanship, she actually looked like she was having fun. It's called "acting" and her stage presence was radiant. A novice, but proving excellence.

Hannah's Brother Helped With the Hog Boards
Of Course, Her Cousin Was Right There, Also
One thing that people think about all this "Fair Business" is, that's how can young children or young adults do this, knowing the end result is probably slaughter, and the animals are pets? The animals are a pets in a way, but if a leader is doing their job, the 4-Her or FFA member know very well the end result. Everything dies that lives in this world, that IS truth. The animal assigned to a club member is the most pampered and loved than any lap-sitting puppy. A club animal can have no better life. The process of letting them go is extremely hard, but it doesn't change how the next animal is treated for the next year. I haven't met anyone that spends so much time with these animals that can't love them with all their heart, even most of the parents. I can't help it. I'll cry when Kalua, my grand daughter's pig, is auctioned. We pray for pastures and people to save them in the auction, but most of our animals have gone to "Food Share" for the homeless or needy families. I'm grateful for those who've bought my children's animals and then turned around and gave it to such a worthy cause. The money? It was banked and yes, all my children used their money for school and very worthwhile purchases.

The most unfair of all is leaving your
animals behind without you, knowing the
outcome later. Dad is The Best to Lean-on.

Yesterday, I saw me in my own daughter. She'll survive it, my Tressa won't like it, but that's what mother's and dad's do.

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It brings back a lot of memories....and I am thankful for every experience!!!