Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We Have Queenland Heeler Puppies!

Yesterday, about 2:30 p.m. our Darby Dog had her litter of darling little Queenland Heeler Puppies. We had her bred at the end of June to our favorite stud, Turbo, and what a darling litter. We were surprised at her sudden onset of labor and the timing was so unusual.

Darby was bred to Turbo and luckily the day that he covered her, we took pictures of Turbo. Thankfully, the pictures had embedded the date and from that, my daughter Kiely, could exactly pinpoint the day Darby would have the puppies and she would  go into labor. It was June 29th and yes, it began, but after four hours stopped suddenly when our seven month old puppy, that isn't related to Darby, tried to play with her.

Grouchy and nervous is the only way to describe Darby Dog's annoyance with him. She didn't bite Duelly or fight, but she had, had it! The labor quit.

We were all so happy Kiely was home and visiting here for the summer during her school break. She wanted so much to help her dog though labor and delivery like she did with her last litter. There was a problem the last time with one large puppy and we thought that might occur again.

Kiely needed to go back to school so she spent all of Tuesday packing up her car. This morning was going to start early and she was afraid she couldn't wake-up all the animals at 5:00 a.m. So when the car was finished and packed Kiely called Darby to say goodbye and the dog wasn't around. Keily knew that Darby had run-off to have her puppies. One glance in the barn and there was Darby in her bed and right next to the bed was the birthing kit with all Kiely's supplies. Both touched and Darby started pushing, her mid-wife was there.

The labor and delivery wasn't smooth by any means and because it was expected, Kiely was prepared. One giant boy and some breech puppies made it. It was a long labor for dogs and more than nine hours, but as tiny and looking like wet rats, the cute chubby puppies are fluffy and super fat today. I can't believe what one day does for puppies on rich milk.

There are four females and two males. The puppies will be tri-colored and with lots of freckles. We can see them under the white hair. They're a happy and a squealing bunch of white-patched babies.
Darby, was cowered some last night but now is happy, smiling, and contented. I've never seen her this way. She really loves being a mother.

How'd Darby know Kiely was leaving? And ... How did the labor start? Darby knew she needed Kiely, her best friend and companion to take care of her. I can only think that there must be something more to the world of animals than we humans know and may only understand when we reach "The Other Side."

Farm kids KNOW to stay still and quiet. They all were so good and I think Darby was glad her favorite friends were there with her.


Becky said...

This was an amazing story to read! Thank you for sharing!!! Adorable puppies and so cute to hear of the bond between Kiely and Darby ♥ :)

Our Aitken Love said...

Those are wonderful pictures of those puppies. Thank you for posting them. I can;t wait to see more of those pictures are they continue to get fat-er and happier!!! Love you Mother miss you like crazy!

Breeda said...

Sweet! so glad Kiely was there for it! and I am glad Tanner is still there!!