Sunday, September 11, 2011

Don't Put Off What You Love Doing

This is what I'm thinking.... "Today, I need to give advice to my children and grandchildren". It's good advice and I wish someone had told me this while I was a lot younger and stronger.

I know what you're procrastinating in life, my children. You're fussing with your own children and there's no time to accomplish all that you want to pursue in life, right now. You tell yourself, "My passion for ___________ (fill in the blank) will have to come later in life when ____________(fill it in, again)  and I are on our own, and our lives will need hobbies, learning, just doing great things together, because then we'll have the TIME.

Don't wait until you're my age, at 60 years old, to try and do all the dreams you've had in your heart. Don't wait until everything is perfect. If your dad and I had waited until we had the money to birth each of you children, we would be childless. We didn't have insurance until I was seven months along with Kiely. 

One of my dreams was to paint like Nellie Lee. She was an elderly lady that loved to paint and she was very, very good. She only painted a few lovely oil landscapes and then her life on earth was over. 

My hopes were to quilt like Ethyl Dalyrmple, spin wool and crochet lovely little things for my children. I'm not sure my darling children want Christmas slippers, now. Especially, Dustin! I'm not sure I can remember how to crochet, now, and I was great at it at one time. My spinning wheel is broken--but I'm going to buy some wool and get started without my own sheep's wool and while I'm trying to relearn it all, I'm going to work on fixing the sheep shearers, the spinning wheel, the carders, and go dig in all my stuff down in the basement, and find some hooks. Here's where the little doubts creep in. 

It's dark down there and I'll fall and do I have time? I'm still BUSY! Get it? Still, I'm very busy!

I've dreamed of rocking on my porch enjoying the fabulous sunsets, reading and doing my genealogy. Oh, and how I've dreamed of trail-riding with my husband and going out camping in our little egg-shaped trailer.

Please Remember These Words

All my dreams that I have planned for at this time in my life, are not happening. I had to let the porch just rot-off the house before I now, will go out and really do that wonderful goal. I could've set-out to have done this when I had my own little children to rock in my arms, and I could've read them stories and showed them how lovely the sunset was, and how sunsets are a part of God's blessing to us in this glorious world that we have to enjoy. We can enjoy it all now. I'm going to ... and I may even grab a grandchild to sit with me. You all need a rocking chair. Oh, BTW...Cracker Barrel Restaurants have the rockers. I have one in my bin. Soooo, you think the spiders will get me if I try and take it out?

Honestly, I feel like when I'm trying to do something, anything .... it's like digging holes at the beach in the sand. The water level rises up and the sand falls back in the hole and it's shallow again or an in-coming wave brings a bunch of water and sand with it, and my hole utterly disappears. Should I keep digging or wait until the tide is low? Would I still get my task accomplished? No, because the high-tide comes back again. Give-up? I did. I should have moved from the beach.

My time is not wasted, not one bit. I do things that are mostly for good, but as life changes and we become older, time goes faster. It does, I promise. We're truly here living for only a wink of eternity. All of this advice makes me think... Do I really want to make wool junk?

I Can Go With Everything, but "The Flirt With Disaster" and no more "Risks" I've Done Those Things ... Way Too Many Times, Already. *smile*

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