Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grandparent's Day? Is That Real?

 Sept 12th
Steve and I has a video, face to face with our granddaughter, Jane's class at school,today. I think it's either 2nd or 3rd grade or both. But it was Grandparent's Day and we were invited! We all used our large Android Tablets to see each other. I'm writing this and I'm thinking the Tango Application has to be the best invention and clearest transmission, surely there will be no better. I know as technology expands at the  "Mach I" rate like it has been, all that I'm saying is that the future will look back at this time and it'll seem  we actually arrived here in Santa Paula in wagon trains. Steve and I always think we have the newest gadget, but we're already behind by four, and counting.

We met Jane's teacher and she has the cutest Southern accent. She was introducing herself and using her high voice, "I'm so happy ya'll could come see us'all taday." The school is in a little town in Central Arkansas. I really don't know how my daughter Bree was able to handle pre-schooler Charlie, Jane, in her school chair and not only hold her little baby, Susan, and hold this Tablet up for us to see everything. It was a juggling act.

My Cute Arkansas Daughter, Bree
Mini Me? No, It's my Newest Granddaughter, Susan
It was a relief that our grandchildren remembered us from our trip back this summer. We laughed about how they must remember our names. Steve wanted to give Charlie a "nickname" so that he'd remember his Grandpa Steve always called him "Spike". Well, Charlie wasn't having none of that! "Ma name is Charrlie!" I tried to write his heavy accent. "Yip!"

I noticed while we were visiting, Charlie would call me by his other grandma's name and that's Grandma Bea. She's also in California and lives the neighboring town. We see each other at special occasions at the stake center. I thought if Charlie called me Grandma Bea one more time, I was going to call him, Spike. There was a nap and a short drive to North Little Rock to see the Old Mill. I was stalling a little because of the weather temperature. I'm not used to this humidity and I'm not running down a cement sidewalk and an uneven slope. I can't even touch the metal fence, let alone hang-on to keep my balance. The fence is so hot it could burn your hand. The weather here is unbelievable, but everything grows. Arkansas is one huge hot-house in the summer. And ... I now I know, why things are slower in the South.
Old Mill, hotter than you can imagine 106 Degrees, 90% Humidity
Charlie said, "Grandma Bea, herrrry!"  and I said, "Okay, Spike,"  "Hayyyy! I'm naw Spike!" "I'm Charrrr-lie!" I countered him with, "I'm not your Grandma Bea, so if you call me by my name, Grandma Susie, I'll call you by your name, Charlie." He said, "Yip, Okay" and started laughing. That worked instantly and he never forgot to call me by my right name the rest of our visit. Steve and I agree Charlie really isn't Spike.

I loved this time we had together "video talking" and it even though it was brief--to us, the chance to see Jane, her desk, her school work, and her teacher seemed incredible. Actually, seeing everyone and hearing the children all around, I can honestly say that it seemed like we were there. The children both called me Grandma Susie and I know it won't be long before Baby Susan will be smiling at us when she realizes that there's crazy people at the other end of the Tango. I had just come out of my swimming class and had my robe on and my hair was all wet, so there in the car we were visiting school on Grandparent's Day.

The teacher needed to finish her presentation and Bree was still juggling the Tablet and Susan, so we ended the call. We visited, we exchanged our love, but missed the touch of tight hugs and little hands and arms squeezing our necks. Oh, how I miss my children and grandchildren and wish for them to be close to me. I feel blessed to be able to have a call we can see, somehow, I think it makes the separation a bit easier. I can only imagine in just a few years, we'll be doing maybe a 3-D visit or jumping in our flying car and buzz back to visit in person. Really!

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