Sunday, September 11, 2011

Races Again! One Half Marathon-Disneyland Resort

We had the time of our lives again at the Grand Californian Resort Hotel at Disneyland in Anaheim. This has become a tradition in our family to get a huge suite not to far-up (firefighter husband keeps us close to the 3rd or 4th level and no higher) and it's always pretty close to the concierge lounge. We had been going for years at Christmas and Halloween, but the park became super crowded. Halloween during the 1970s and 1980s we rode the rides without even standing in line. But, we changed our timing and what a change. We now come when there's more people at Disneyland than any other time of the year. The One Half Marathon and the Children's Marathon are so exciting. There were 14,000 runners and they all had families. Our family is staying on this healthy running trend and a few of them, while they have their knees still, are doing the marathons. They are different than any other of the Wellman-side of the family. The runners receive  lots of goodie bags of stuff and that's FUN!

Everyone Is A Winner!

The children's race and really...the everyone race, has blossomed into a costume race. Just about any attire that's fun and appropriate is allowed. We've done family shirts, but now it's either princess attire or the classic shirts that Disneyland  hands-out to everyone. This time it was Star Wars and the theme was so great for the runners and all that supported them on the route. Star Troopers and Princesses all joined in helping racers along. At the beginning of the race everyone had to swear : "To enter this race, we all want you to promise to not ever go to the Dark Side" Of course, all promised! Hey! They want to run, right? At the end of the race----there HE WAS .... Darth Vader, himself ... trying to get everyone to join him on the 'Dark Side" It really was a big promotion for the new 3-D attraction, but we loved it, adults and children.  Everyone that raced found new friends and we giving "knuckle-bumps" to people that they would run into again in the park or in the Hotel. Congratulations were everywhere.

The Half Marathon was wonderful, as well. Marnie and Larin, my daughters, went all the way to Disneyland with their Aunt Luana and their Grandmother Dune to Florida, to run the Marathon on the east coast.

Princess Run!

The Run For The Bi-Coastal Metal

Everyone Was Congratulating Marnie And Even The Chipmunks. Actually, I Think He Wanted Her Metal

And...if you do both runs, a "Bi-Coastal" metal can be earned when a participant comes here after the Florida race and run the other the Half Marathon here in Anaheim.  Larin's husband just changed jobs and unfortunately it was just the wrong time, even though Larin had paid for everything. Kelsey, Larin's cousin Matt's new bride, ran for Larin. She's a runner, but almost died when she heard that it was so much longer than her usual daily runs. She did wonderful and came in about the same time Larin would have arrived at....guess where? Home plate at Angel Stadium. Is that just so great?

The Half Marathon started before daybreak and I got a picture out of my window of the runners at dawn running in the bottom, right corner from our room. It started with the National Anthem and then a bunch of Disneyland Fireworks. It was a wonderful starting ceremony.

 The Angel's Baseball Stadium
and The Finish Line!

I really didn't want to say the day we all went down there, because everyone that reads this blog will want to do this. It really is the best family event. Every time or each year the different races take the kids and adults to places not seen by the regular visitors to Disneyland. "The Magical Kingdom" makes it really special for everyone, because there's lots of hugging by all the characters, pictures, and awards to all participants. This event is very, very well-planned. Disneyland is almost exactly 100 miles south of our driveway. There's shortcuts and we love them. Okay...I'll say it: This is held on Labor Day Weekend, every year.

 My Steve Is Right In the Middle with the Star Wars T-shirt and 
Marnie and The Little Girls At Her Sides

I'm so proud of my Marnie and grateful for Kelsey and proud of her...she really stepped-up literally for going through with it, even though she hardly slept the night before the run. She finished well. Both did wonderful!

Marnie and Kelsey.  Kelsey Ran For Larin 
and It Was Really Sweet For Her To Do!

That evening we went to a different restaurant than we usually go to celebrate. We love the movie star restaurant in the other hotel with the famous stars of the 1960's and 1970's. This time we went to the Napa Rose, just downstairs from our room in the Grand Californian Hotel. was an extraordinary treat. The kids were bored, so they all went up to eat at the concierge and the concierge does have very healthy food. The children sit and then all watch television. A treat to the grandchildren because they don't have regular TV at their homes. Our menu is one I can't describe, but I did have just one item explained to me, because I want to copy it. Baked chicken with a large piece of lemon grass inserted into a boneless white meat and partly marinated with red cabbage and mango. There wasn't enough time for our waitresses to talk to us about every single ingredient because everyone was asking about the food. Oh yeah, the tenderloin is perfect. I love Napa Rose and it's on my list of favorites for sure.

Great, Great Food
My Chicken is In The Center, Yum!

Steve and I Didn't Sit Right-Up To This Light but, 
This Was My View from Where This Picture was Taken. 
Really Wonderful Atmosphere, Too

My bum leg kept me out of the pool. I brought all my duds for swimming but, I just propped-up my leg on pillows and Steve and I both rested. It was the best vacation. So much to be grateful for all of this and my sister-in-law is the greatest to get all this organized and help us spend time together. I really enjoyed the fireworks, the view, the music outside our big windows and balcony, even the weather was wonderful. The children have so much to do besides go in the resorts. There's a playroom and story time by the big fireplace. OMGsh, it really is a step-away from real life. My Larin is coming next time and she has her big winner metals. My family is amazing and again, I'm so blessed!

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