Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fire Fighter Christmas Party Yay! Great Family, Friends, and Company, Great Food, and Santa Claus

 My Steve was in charge of the firefighter's hugest party, the annual Christmas Party. There's an adult one also and they are fun, but not nearly so much planning goes into an event like this tradition. Steve is the Firefighter Association President and he was worried from Thanksgiving, on how we all we were going to cook five turkeys. Steve wanted them all the same and all super yummy. We found two videos from our dear friend's daughter. Allie was just a toddler when they lived here in Santa Paula and now has children of her own and also a great chef. She was interviewed on T.V. to give an easy delicious way to cook a turkey, even if it's FROZEN! As she says in her video the turkey is so moist and so done the meat just falls away. This time we had no under or over-cooked turkeys and they all were wonderful. I posted the videos because I've been so impressed with her method. I just have to remember to put a couple tablespoons of flour in the bags and two vents in the top, to keep the bags from popping.

The information on the video was: "This morning we had Allie Shaack join the show to share a mouth watering recipe for your Thanksgiving Turkey. You will need: turkey, butter, basil, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, flour, oven bags, celery, white onion, and lemon"

The other big worry was that the voting for the firefighter of the year was at a tie. Steve set the voting over and over and it still came-out the same. The unusual part is that the people changed their minds and it still came-out a draw. Finally, through some miracle, a firefighter was selected. I thought Steve was dancing as he told me finally someone was selected. We had a great video program by one of the firefighters and it was great to see all... that our department does to keep our city safe.

Wonderful Party Video

Here's the link to the some of our calls this year. 
My son loves to take videos with his helmet camera.

Our Firefighter Christmas Video
 by Jerry B.
My mom attended with us this year. She was tired before Santa arrived but stayed to see her great grandchildren received their gifts from Santa.

Adree and Santa
Corbin loved Kenna's New Accessories.
 Dallin on the left, is still eying Santa real close!
Austin thought this helmet was cuter than the yellow one!

My Marnie and Presslee

Mom and I and My Camera is GONE! : )

Presslee and Santa

Tatum & Santa
 I felt I missed a lot of visiting my dear friends by leaving a bit early. Steve grabbed my camera and did a picture-taken event with almost every family there and each child as they came-up to see Santa. We have the best Santa in the world, we really do.

The decorations stayed-up for the city party the next day so not much in the way of clean-up. My husband was able to be "Back In Service" with his crew in record time. My husband is amazing. Organized, fast, and thankfully he knows how to delegate. Recruits seem to mostly know that and if they don't. OOPS!

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