Monday, December 19, 2011

Harbor Christmas Lights Celebration

Dec. 17th 2011

This year my dear, sweet husband was fired as a judge for the best decorated boat. There's a limit to how many years a person can be a judge and he filled-in his time. I was so sad we had started the wonderful tradition and then BOOM! No more. However, I was wrong... the Harbor Master, Scotty, had my son be the judge. He's also a fire captain but even more closely associated with the harbor because he lives there. Well, not on a boat and that would be extremely wonderful, but he lives near "Little Beach" where his family launch their canoes. Dustin's kids go to a school right on the beach and the older ones are just one block from the State Beach. What a view?

Southern California Pierpont Christmas
It was a great honor to be a judge and the best part is that he knew so many people. The exhibitors come from all over the Southern and Central California Coast, but Dustin sat right next to the coordinator for the Ventura County CERT. My husband works for her and also sat next to his daughter's school teacher at Pierpont School.

My Fire Captain Son "The Judge"
Marnie couldn't go to the harbor this year, but we took her kids and oh poor Kenna, she was throwing-up in the bushes at the hotel next to the harbor master's offices. It just never let-up and we couldn't walk her to the car because it was parked a couple miles away. She was pretty sad that night.

Good Sport Happy Face For The Camera
 It was raining again this year and I sure don't know what's with that! It's been hotter than we've ever had in decades. One rain-storm with lots of wind. And the show went on anyway. That in itself shows how dedicated the boaters are in decorating and participating. Almost all the boat were filled with music and singing and then there's all the spectators. So fun and many people came to see the parade. It was just beautiful.

I have always wanted to know which boat won. No one tells me and maybe that's good because they're all winners. The best part is that so many of our children and our grandchildren go with us.

I never knew all these years what we were missing. The Ventura Harbor Parade is a great tradition.

Merry Christmas!

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