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The Mupu Christmas Program -- How Many Years?

Oh, I've been to plenty of Awards and 
Christmas programs at Mupu School. 

My six children attended Mupu School. When I was young and about to enter Mupu School, I didn't want to go there because I was afraid of the 7th and 8th grade teacher. I took the long trip clear to the end of town to Isbell School. My mom agreed when I asked her if I could go to Isbell because I offered that.. I would walk to my Grandparent's shops until she could pick me up after her work, at my dad's dry cleaners in Fillmore. My grandparents owned a dry cleaners and a western wear and saddle shop. I'll always regret that decision. Isbell School was a big school with lots of classes and I felt lost. That's not an abnormal feeling because everyone came from a smaller school. Even grandma's at 61 years old remember the feeling of not fitting in. It didn't help that I still was upset from moving from my beloved Fillmore and my best friend. Oh, and I told my mom I would work for my grandparents! I needed to be in the back-room doing my homework. I did learned about retail sales, using the real old-fashioned cash register and counting money back to the costumer without the help of the calculator-type register. I learned a lot about sewing and alterations, sorting clothes, and cleaning. A lot about cleaning because when it was slow in the afternoon, I was the janitor. I can say, because of my choice to attend Isbell, I learned not only the counting-back math, but became an expert at cleaning the "restrooms." All of them. Schoolwork and homework suffered because of my working. I worried all day about my duties at the shop. I had to go on errands to the bank, the pharmacy, and other shops for trading merchandise and all these things had to be perfect or I was in trouble. My grandmother always used any mistake to embarrass me in front of the patronage. Was I cute when I was about to cry? I looked forward everyday to get home and ride the horses or just sit in the field with horses all around.

All of my children went to Mupu School and almost all of my grandchildren were able to attend there. Now, it's only my Marnie's children and they have found their niche. They love their school like the Beach Boys song, "Be True To Your School." Anyone who's ever gone there knows that if someone, somewhere make fun of their school name, Mupu kids get so defensive! Mupu School was named after an Indian tribe of Chumashan Indians that spoke the dialect of Ventureno (Ventura) and the village that the school was named after is the Mupu Village. One of the principals always told the students that the name meant "mosquito" and that name would likely fit because we do have our share of little mosquitoes. The Santa Paula Creek that runs down the canyon and through our backyard. We also have a 4-H Club named "Mupu 4-H"  and if you're a real outsider and at least small sizable, any kid from here will "drop 'em" meaning pick-you-up and drop you, hard if someone teasingly utters, "Mu--poo." Adults are no exception to the ear-full they'll get-- by disrespecting Mupu school or club. One exception is if an adult has a big ranch or owns an oil field and is looking over your steer, pig, sheep, at the Ventura County Fair and promising a bid at the local auction. I've actually seen this rare occasion of extreme reserved anger. It makes me smile recalling a club member's self-control, forced by greed. I even witnessed a quick look at me and a forced smile, when a buyer from Fort Tejon Ranch said, "So are these the "Mooooo-poooo beef?"

Dec. 15th, 2011 @ 10:15 am.

Today was the day that our grandchildren were receiving awards for the semester. Our grandchildren that still attend Mupu School, are receiving high honors, highest grade-point-averages in their respective classes and also are receiving the award of perfect attendance. I can say that to most grandparents, this is a huge honor to see their little ones progress so well in any school. The grandchildren don't know how our dreams of them having good grades and a good education touch our hearts, not necessarily because of the "proud and happy" thoughts for them (we are that, too) and their parents, but it gives us the hope that their lives can be successful and prosperous. It says a lot about devotion toward getting their work done, they're organizational skills, and we know that there's parent participation. I think parents need to be graded! My own children would all get A+++! I have to say at Mupu School... an award is even more special... because we know, that this little school expects even a higher standard for their students and I'm grateful for Adree, Dallin, and Kenna.


 Adree was the last to receive the Honors. I only put her first because Steve was in a better position to catch her facial expressions. I hope my grandchildren remember the happiness they get when they truly are recognized for their accomplishments. The pins and papers are taken with humbleness and in relief and we're so happy for them. My children and grandchildren have never mentioned anything about their awards to anyone, but we see that their own self-esteem is so increased by a mention and tiny little pins. I think I have all my children's awards with their baby teeth. lol

We had appointments and work to accomplish this morning, but we couldn't miss the award ceremony. The Christmas program would have to go on without us. We've seen plenty of those and actually they do repeat the same ones, just different children. All of the programs are new to the parents and students. Mupu parents have been there before, as students and the grandparents? Yep, we've seen them all.

Ta Da! Dallin!

Kenna's First Awards & Too Shy & Embarrassed To Look-up
The Little Kenna Who Loves Homework!
The Mom Taking Pictures Too!

I wish I had been apart of Mupu School and and we could've had three generations of family attending here. I think about how close even my father came to attending Mupu. My father attended Briggs School, McKevett School, and Santa Paula High School. Mupu School will always be dear to us all. I often hear my children say, "Remember _____ Mom?" "We went to Mupu together."

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