Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blessings of Christmas

Shopping would have been fabulous if I had done it when all the great sales were in July. Feed prices for our livestock skyrocketed at that time and we hadn't sold Kiely's horse yet. It doesn't look like I'll be sending my goats up to be bred this year.
What???? We don't get Bred?
If my arm doesn't shape-up I may not be able to milk and honestly, that is one of the most enjoyable chores I've ever done here on Danger Ranch aka Rock 'n' Oaks. Oh yeah, hate to shave the goats and disbud the kids, but as weird as this sounds ... I truly am looking forward to shearing the sheep. One big ol' ewe will take me all day, even with the electric 13 tooth, Oster shears. I'm so careful, no nicks, cuts, or even close calls, thank-you-very-much! I'd love to shear them, spin the wool, and then crochet my heart-out. Not that I could give my family and friends all wooly gifts, but I know a few of my daughters would love to have clean, dyed wool for felting projects. I just love sheep and goats and horses and chickens and donkeys...but I didn't need to say that really, it's a "given."

I started shopping about the third week of November and by the first week of December I was done. I used three sites and love them all. Etsy's my favorite, but Toys R Us and Amazon are terrific. I did use Deseret Book for a couple of presents and if I need to buy church items again, it'll be in person ... because the deliveries were all late, as in... after Christmas. Steve bought some things here at home, mostly for me and again this year he wouldn't give me any money to buy him a present. I think I'll just have to make him a hat and he'll have to wear it. I won't have a logo but it'll be so hideous! It'll make him feel so guilty that maybe next year he will let me have some money and let me get him some fantastic tool or something. It's been a vey long time since I've been able to buy him something. The last time was when I was working about six years ago. The hat is a good plan and think I'll make it orange and white striped, Accckkk,... it'll be CHECKED, to match his new shirt.

He has no clue what I have in store for him
I know one of my gifts already. It's a scanner for copying photos, negatives, and slides and converts the negatives and slides to pictures.

I would love to get a really high resolution picture-scan and have our wedding picture enlarged. I regret not knowing about photographers at the Temple, (I'd only been a member a year) so the day we were married very few snapshots were taken and they were from a Brownie Camera, some are even just black and white. My family wasn't "into" me being married in the Temple. I would love to have my pictures and that's probably the grandest gift I can think of now. A nice picture of Steve and I together at the Temple.

I managed to buy little mirrors for our two house birdies and treats for our dogs, cats and farm animals. Oh dang, I forgot the chickens. I love them so much. Of course a Valentine gift would be good and by then they'll start laying eggs for us again. It could be a hint to Keep On Truckin' laying ... and a reward at the same time.

The chickens really do love me to hold them.
I may even give her a kiss but not on the beak.

I prayed for an Aussie Poley saddle as a gift, but with my arm hurting so bad, Steve probably didn't think I needed that right now. I want to ride so bad and all our other saddles are sized in the smallest adult saddles come in.. We do have a child's size and honestly I think that one is the same size as all the others I have to try and sit-in. I hate being stuffed in any saddle and it usually makes for a short ride pinching my legs and rear-side.

This is the first time we haven't had a child here at home and I knew I would feel different. I think I decorated for Christmas for days and days and still can't keep the Christmas music turned-off. I love the music. I even re-decorated my living room a bit by taking down my drapes and just leaving my long Norwegian, lacey valences. My windows look clean and uncluttered, and it really emphasizes my ten foot ceilings.

My Favorite Decoration an old Tapestry Rug Hanging

My blog has suffered from my arm being so messed-up. I'm not sure at all how I hurt it. I haven't gone to exercise class or used it in a way that would cause me such distress. I'm also fighting a bizarre upset stomach with it and can't sleep. I'm taking some really strange medication from my botched "procedure" a month ago. Ya' think it could hurt my arm and my stomach? I may quit my stupid pills.

I have all my wooden shoes out to place the candy inside for St. Nickolaus Feast Day, that now that day has already passed by us. No presents  under the tree. All of the gifts have been sent or taken to my children family homes or over to other family and friends. Here's the good: I'm not gripping at my children about how I'm physically feeling. The shopping's done and was I was able to give everyone really sweet things this year. No toilet seats! I think what I like best this season is that my children can start their own traditions in their own homes, like the Dutch shoes. That's one of the first gifts I give to my children when they are newly married.

Some of my children and their families are traveling to Big Bear, they're all trying to go sledding in the snow. My children get to see the Christmas lights with the snow's reflection (which is a really big deal) I have my beach kids loving the surfing and genuinely loving this great Southern California weather we have in December. My Fillmore family is just enjoying each other's company now that my daughter has a break from school. I appreciate all the blessings these sweet thoughts bring to me and my most favorite is that they love us and each other.

No Snow yet in Utah
 The parade, the Firefighter Party, the Harbor Celebration, our Community Christmas Celebration, and the Church's special events are plenty for us. It will be a great, great pleasure to be able to attend our own children and grandchildren's Christmas celebrations at their houses. I'm invited. Steve has to work this year on the 24th and 25th. Been there, done that! Christmas at the firehouse is a blast and I'm glad I can go after church on Sunday, we'll be together, having wonderful dinner with "Allie's turkey" and visiting. I'm so good with that! The "empty-nester" mom could be hard to experience if I let myself  think about it in a "pity-party" way, but I'm thinking OMGsh this is wonderful because I know my children and their families are healthy, happy, doing well and still want me around, even if I do still need my "shawl." aka straight-jacket. We talk in code.

Naht-ugh! This isn't my Straight Jacket

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