Friday, January 13, 2012

Diamonds Are Forever

Jan 12th 2012
I was thinking about my friend's diamond ring, which actually is very beautiful, really...but it doesn't have real diamonds. I don't wear much jewelry. Maybe once in a while to church or an event. Mostly, very special times that when I need to dress-up more. I love the way I can remove all my jewelry and oh how I'd hate a tattoo because I would probably scrub it until it wasn't on my skin. Oh and braces would probably have made me crazy because of just the fact I couldn't take them out of my mouth every night. Jewelry isn't a part of me, but I do like it. Now, lipstick is apart of me, but that's only because if I don't put something on my fat lips they hurt and get a lot fatter. Oh, chapped! And that's not in style.

Diamonds, gems, and treasures are those things that give any regular person a reason to ponder, maybe to envy, or covet. My diamonds are worth more, so much more than anyone I know or know about. It's pretty evident that I'm not really talking about "rocks" My husband, children, and grandchildren are worth more than any sparkly, brillant, valuable object in this whole world. They are are rocks in that sense. 

If I were to have my lovely diamonds mounted on the most precious light metal and place it on my hand, I wouldn't  be able to have the strength to lift my hand. My total diamonds are many, with rubies and emeralds tucked in and around each one. I'm so blessed and  thankful and I can cherish these extraordinary diamonds beyond my ability to write the words to express my love for each one.

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Our Aitken Love said...

Aww mother what a sweet post! I love this. And I love you my rock! And you do rock! LYMI