Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3 2 1 Easy, Fast, One Serving Cake

Here's the stuff you need for the 3-2-1 Cake:

3 Tablespoons of: 1 Box of Angel Food Cake Mix
1 Box of Any Flavor Cake
Mixed-up in zip-loved bag.

2 Tablespoons of water
1 Minute in the Microwave
  • The recipe is so super simple. The most necessary ingredient is the Angel Food Cake Mix because it has the eggs. Then any other flavor of cake mix. The two are mixed together in a gallon zip-lock type bag. OMGsh Pink and Confetti Cake Mix! Heaven.

  • The cake is made by adding 3 Tablespoons of cake mix from the zip-bag to a glass or paper cup (no wax or plastic cup-type) container and add 2 Tablespoons of water. Just remember to use Tablespoons only. Only the measurements need to be exact and mix it very well to get the bubbles all out. Put the mixture in the glass container (a custard cup would be perfect) and just put in the microwave for only 1 minute. Let the cake cool for about 15 to 20 minutes. Oh yes... a little paper cup is so cute and it works great. Only let the cake cool if you want to decorate it with some whip-cream or frosting. It's really yummy nice and warm, too.

Fruit is perfect with this. But I know people (me, my husband, my grandchildren, my children) that have used whipped cream and of course frosting mix. Perfect treat for a small dessert or just for little people that need a treat at Grandma's house without me making a full-cake.

I just want to add here don't buy a "pound-type cake" one like "red velvet" cake mix and using it with Angel Food cake. It won't work no matter how much Angel Food cake mix a person adds because of all the oil in the mix. It's okay to use the extra moist and different flavors of regular cake mix. If it flops and doesn't rise, because someone goofed on the right cake mix, cook it and do something fun, like cut a bunch of round pieces with a cookie-cutter and layer with frosting. There's tons of things to make from disaster cakes--believe me, I looked for them because all my cakes are "Cake Wrecks"  Please note that Cake Wrecks is a fun site to run through it's called : cakewrecks.com  Easy to  remember. This is one great reason I LOVE this 3-2-1 easy recipe. The other no leftovers and the cakes are perfect. My little grand daughter Kenna is only 5 years old and she's now my chef. I don't even have to help her at all. Perfect cakes, every time.

The weirdest thing about this is that I learn about these off-the-wall recipes at my swimming aerobics class. There's always a new recipe, or someone bringing birthday treats, or making times to meet for a our work-out luncheon. I'm trying to lose pounds and still there's always a yummy treat to talk about. This one is probably my favorite because it is very small and if I make just one and give it away. I'm safe. Oh, and it smells so good!

We Got Crazy!
Added March 28, 2012:
This has become the biggest new hit ever in my family. The "One Hit Wonder" of Pinterest! My husband who NEVER eats cake loves these little treats. He was in the kitchen making them last night and early this morning. I made some for all the grand kids next door & parents  cuppy-cakes and the also Lazenby kids for a surprise dessert tonight. I love it that we got some fancy cherries for toppings and whipped-cream. Steve also brought some red syrup from the Surfin' Yogurt downtown. They're so "sweet" to me.


Unknown said...

Ok, I'm sorry, but I am slow... You do bake the cakes right? You said to cool them, but what do you back'm at? Or is that part of the wonder? xo

Susan said...

Oh Ranch Momma! I'm so sorry I didn't make that clear. It's 1 minute in the microwave. It's part of the remember recipe thing. 3 T. Mix, 2T. Water, and 1 minute in the microwave. Both of the micowaves I used, gave the same results. I'll edit my post tomorrow. Thank you for seeing my omission & chance to clear the confusion. I'm too excited about the cake. because I'm not eating any (well, two) but my grandchildren love them & don't keep asking for more. It's enough for them!. I think I struck gold. : ) Hugs... Love your profile pic!

Unknown said...

Ok, when I went back I saw it and thought I had just missed it! I'm glad to know it wasn't just me!

I love your blog and have been stocking for a few months now! I'm just starting out and learning lots. I'm also LDS but have yet to post anything about it. I love your badges.

I also love your pups. I love healers.

Unknown said...

Oh, the picture isn't me! I found it ages ago and have know idea who it is! I'm awful! But I'm waiting for warm weather to get some of me!

Susan said...

Oh my gosh, you came to my blog? Thank you so much! I thought my grown children came once-in-awhile. You are so sweet. BTW the lady in that blue hat icon is really me...in my dreams.