Friday, March 23, 2012

A Day of Puppies and Bar-B-Ques

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

It's been really a working day here on the ranch. I sat with puppies and worked hard outside. I talked to many families that would like to buy a puppy. The families that want our dear puppies are going to be lucky little puppies. Every single family that has contacted me are lovely people and each puppy will truly be a member of their family. I'm so happy that I was able to meet these wonderful families and have that connection and share the love of the Queensland Heeler breed.

The Little Ugly Puppy That Turned Into A Princess!

Little dog became our dog because she was too ugly as the little runt of the litter and  no one wanted her.  We had no idea that she would become our dearest, forever friend and would be our "little princess."  Little saved Kiely from a rattlesnake by jumping on it and taking the bite herself. Our dear dog was blessed by her heroics and was bit at the thin area above the hock on her back leg. The fangs pierced her skin and went all the way through and giving her a dry bite. She lived many more years and definitely had a large vocabulary and even ending-up with her understanding what we were spelling-out.

My Steve
My husband has been so busy today and even though it's suppose to be his day-off. Steve had volunteered to help with the FFA Bar-B-Que fundraiser. Steve is president of the Firefighter's Association, it's his job so make sure the donation and work that the firefighter's provide for the schools and city organizations run smooth. The outcome of the Bar-B-Que and donations sit directly on his shoulders.

I didn't know it was Mr. Flores, the FFA adviser and Agriculture Academy teacher's birthday until this evening. I drove by the fire station and at the Bar-B-Que site, there sat Mr. Bob Young or "B.Y." as all the students called him. Two of my older daughters had him as a teacher for agriculture and FFA. They loved him as their teacher and we couldn't imagine him ever leaving. Kiely couldn't wait to have him as her teacher and did join FFA in her 8th grade summer. He was there at Santa Paula High School forever.

Today B.Y. was substituting for Mr. Flores on one end at the Bar-B-Que site so Mr. Flores could still teach and wind-up it all up before a long "Spring Break." It was great to see him again and a real surprise.

Kiely was able to meet Mr. Flores the new agriculture teacher before of all the other ag. students at SPHS. He was being chauffeured around by Mr. Young. in the "special B.Y. golf cart" and I'm sure "learning the ropes" at fair. The Fair's a huge job that's literally all summer long. There's no time-off in the summer for FFA advisers and teachers. Mr. Flores was my daughter, Kiely's agriculture teacher, mentor, big pusher, and navigator to direct Kiely to seriously attend an agriculture college.

Mr. Ricards is on the left and Fillmore's FFA Adviser and agriculture teacher. His father was my zoology teacher at Santa Paula High School. Mr. Flores is on the right.

It's been about 11 years and Mr. Young looks fantastic and Mr. Flores is still there at our high school. Mr. Flores continues to be a great influence in our school's agriculture program and I'm sure as now a veteran with over a decade of watching the kids become adults, graduates, and now starting families of their own, he's gained a following like BY. He's made lasting impressions for hundreds of students and is the is the "WISE old owl" that the adviser is depicted on the FFA emblem.

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