Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Think I've LOST IT: Bacon

This is the bestest way ever, to cook bacon:

The bacon is always floured well, like you're cooking a big ol' trout. Then put it in the oven to cook at approx. 350• for about 20 to 25 minutes depending on your oven and you will have perfectly unshrunken, brown, and delicious bacon. The foil makes it easy to pour the fat off in a bowl and pat the bacon dry. Almost fat-free, huh? Perfect for BLT sandwiches, too. And I suppose, if you were a real bacon fat lover you could make fantastic gravy from the drippings. As if? Nah...I will not have that literal "heart-burn" today, thank you.

I was thinking about ol' times and how we used to have breakfast. When I was going-up a real breakfast was hash-browns, gravy and biscuits, eggs sunny-side-up, toast, and of course BACON. If we did have sausage, it was the "real-stuff" with the  intestine skins on them. By The Way...Where did the skins go? For that matter... Where did Bologna (baloney) Rings go? I loved Boloney boiled with potatoes and cabbage. Now it's all THAT Polish Sausage stuff. The kind that gives me an achin' tummy.

I have never been able to eat a whole, big, huge breakfast, like I described above. I managed to pick though it but it was wonderful to wake-up to the smell of all that cooking. My husband always wants the round, fat, pancakes with syrup. I call them Scottish Pancakes and honestly pancakes--just made me feel heavy all day. It's been more than 10 years since I've had one single pancake or any number of pancakes--I need to make that clear. And it's been almost 40 years since I've had a waffle.**GASP!** Seems pretty much impossible to not indulge in a waffle or two at least once a year. I suppose it's like my daughter and donuts. I got sick on waffles when I was pregnant with my first-born Tressa. I wanted french fries and there wasn't an extra car to drive or even place to buy them for all I knew about in San Jose, 1971. Yes, I know now, there were some.  I was completely lost in the big city and pregnant, too. I decided it was easier than calling my husband, making him come home, or me walk where? Without GPS ????  How did we survive? I tell you? I would just make waffles and slice them up and use...Oh my gosh! We didn't have ketchup, so I used Bar-B-Que Sauce for ketchup. I don't like Bar-B-Que Sauce now either, especially Dan and Bob's or Earl and Dale's. HATE IT! and Big Macs, but that's from another pregnancy. If you've ever had morning sickness you get the drift of the hate I feel.

Back to the BACON:
The oven is really the only way to make bacon. No mess on the stove top. My hair doesn't smell like bacon. Did you know there's this "bacon fad" going on? My grand daughter is raising a pig for fair and there's all this stuff the adults and kids are using. Is this for real or fake? makes me kind'a sick.


Oh Heck No! Even tho my lovely soap's made With Lard and Goat's Milk, It Smells Like Roses!

Oh, there! Now I don't want the bacon that I just made. I just blogged about bacon, thought about it a little bit, and now don't even want it. What's the world coming to? Honestly, could someone let me in on the bacon news? Is this truly the way a person wants to smell? Save me!

I could go for these sunglasses below, however.

  • I Already Have The Hair

My son and his crew just blew through my kitchen and then on to a camping trip to WigWam-Land, climbing mountains, zip-lines, real thunder and lightening are scheduled for this evening's scary and exciting entertainment way up the canyon. And in their First Aid pack is non-other than: "Bacon Band Aids"  j/k... but not really!

Thankfully, someone ate the bacon. I just saundered in the kitchen looking for another unhealthy meal. It's now lunch-time and I'm scanning the area for POTATOES! Sliced fried potatoes sound great!

Okay...that's not going to happen! I forgot Utah potatoes have about a bah-zillion eyes that spout long things outta' them. This beautiful stainless steel drawer has butt-load of spouting potatoes. We don't EVEN think of growing potatoes around here unless it's in our ears. I had to take a picture to prove to my daughter, Kiely, that THESE  potatoes think they're in Utah or that other place, Idaho.

Anyone for an Artichoke with lots of mayonnaise?

Honestly, there's no fast food in this house and by the time I'm through making it (meaning anything) the hunger is gone. Oh, that's how ya' lose weight. Fast food, I get it. By The way, I am eating the artichoke, I am.

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