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Jax In The Family! Hilarious! And Other Knapp Features

One of My Daughters and Family I Miss So Much!

 My daughter Larin said, "I love to be a jungle gym first thing in the morning. The park is
 calling my name...and the names of my dear little monkeys."

One Happy Little Nut!

Mountain Dew Breathing Mask!
 The Knapp Family consists of a couple of rowdy boys & that's not so unusual and they have a more than lovely little girl that steals your heart. The whole family makes me laugh so much, but I know where Larin gets her humor because Larin's other siblings are just as crazy.

Larin said, "My laugh for the day, Finlee found a list in the grocery cart; bay leaves, garlic toast, diced tomatoes, a brain. I just know this lady has a 'Smart Alec' husband like mine who added what he needs to the list."
My daughter Marnie & Crazy Sister, my daughter Larin at Work! Crazy Sisters!
Jax! You Never Know Where's He's Gonna' Land!
Jaxon happens to be a red-head and a "CRAZY" personality. He thinks of things no normal kid actually does. Like thinking about gutter swimming and going ahead and paddling right in a super cold puddle.

Gutter Swimming Is Wyoming Cold In The Winter?
Larin said, "I can tell Jaxon is lying because he asks me if his nose is growing. He also likes to announce the rules he is breaking. Like when I was showering a few minutes ago," "I can hear him yelling-singing!"   Jaxon loudly going, "Jumping on the couch! Jumping on the couch! "Jumping on the couch! "I'm jumping on the couch!"

Jaxon's Mom: "Jax what are you doing?" "I told you picking your nose is gross." Jax explained, "I'm not picking my nose, a booger fell out so I'm putting it back in!" Larin wrote, "What the???" "Only my crazy Jaxon-man."

"You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie

~~~~~You're my Cuppycake, ~~~~~~

Gumdrop Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear"

Larin told us that the boys beg Dave, their father, everyday to say Mississippi in French. They think it's so funny and they laugh and laugh. The funniest part is that all he says is Mississippi with a French accent. Love life's simple pleasures.

Yeah, This IS A Totally NORMAL DADDY!
Larin told us that she  dropped Dean off at school and started home. Then Jaxon says "Mom are you studying that tiny pink piece of paper you got yesterday from the police man?" Jaxon then said, "I really don't want you to go to jail, so maybe you should slow down too." The mom says, "Gee, thanks Jaxon." "By the way, it was a going 25 in a 20 zone-type-ticket, nothing crazy!"

"Jaxon thinks he is so awesome today because I let him eat donuts in the living room and move the furniture and have can of soda. 5 year-olds are so easily pleased. I love it!"

Jaxon, Can I have some Chaos For Breakfast?"
"I'm so happy Dean, (Jaxon's brother) has finally outgrown the phase where he signed every paper from school as 007 or Darth Vader. Whew, I thought he would do it until high school."

Dean Knapp
Just A Normal Cowboy Dean

"Good thing Jaxon doesn't like the idea of ever growing up. I'm pretty sure I want to press pause on this little guy for forever. "Mom, I think I am the most handsome Luigi EVER!" I am partial of course, but I couldn't agree more."

"Seriously????? What is "Bunga"? Jaxon says the kitchen, his blanket, his fingers, Jaxon's sister's (Finlee) has some "Bunga" shoes, the couch everything smells like "Bunga". I don't know what that is, but I take offensive to that."    ( ;  
"Get Some Shoes On It's Freezing!" "Okay....Do you see you have...?" "Never-mind."
"Jax opened about 10 different yogurts yesterday. Not finishing each one completely. I love payback! He is enjoying each flavor in succession this morning before he eats anything different. Maybe he won't have a free for all yogurt taste test ever again." That's my daughter, Larin! Give a kid so much they get sick on it and they never want it again."

On top Of The World Yes, it's Wyoming!


Smile Boys-not Jaxon, Dean? What a Precious Smile

This kid Has been a Character Since He Could Walk

More Larin, the mother quotes:

"It's not even 6 yet and Jaxon is dreaming he is the Kung Fu Panda with noodles."

We get this picture but no explanation and they LIVE in MOOSE COUNTRY
"This is Jax right here...this cartoon,Kick Buttowski, cracks me up! You gotta see it!"

"This is Jaxon doing his best impression of a kid raising his hand
 during class. He starts preschool tomorrow. 
The teacher is going to laugh when she sees this."

"Part II Redneck Slip and Slide:
We are trying to write the book titled, 101 Uses For A Single Sheet Of Plywood."

"The Gunnie-Sack Monster came out today. Jaxon's first experience with the toy eating sack. He and Dean are running around as fast as they can cleaning up monster trucks, action figures, light sabers..... I can't believe I waited this long to bring him out. Jaxon is freaked. Gunnie sack = clean bedroom."

"Jaxon asked, "That's my dad?" I said, "Yep." Then Jaxon asked "In that giant truck?" I said "That's him." Jaxon yelled out, "Yeh!!" "That's my dad!!!" "Wahoooooo" I've never heard him cheer so loud. Cute."

Dean Is So Sweet and Sincere
"Dean wrote his friend back in Southern Utah where they used to live. "Elissa- I like your picture. You are so sweet. I miss you so much, I'm gonna cry.I hope you have fun with out me there. I hope you have a good summer. Love, Dean P.S. Have fun with your kitty"  Dean told me what to write, thanks Elissa"

Dean's the practical one and busy finding things to do. I love it that he made a house for his little sister. I know Jaxon helped, the one that appreciated it most was a sweet little sister, Finlee.

Just think what it was like when you were five! It was so easy to wake-up and be cool.

And then, spend the rest of the day getting so smelly and dirty, that your mom thinks you're equal to the "comic boy" in the Peanuts Comic Strip, "Pigpen!"

Oh Jaxon, you were crazy when little and these past five years, you've entertained us even from a distance!

"Jaxon is in the ER because he ate some of grandma's heart medication while I was in the shower. Geez!! He is fine he is pretending he is an elephant with the barf bag." (I have to add that I'm a really bad Grandma for not completely locking-up my meds. Jaxon is a climber & no matter-what, I should've taken better care of all that, cleaners, etc. included)

"Finlee watching "Cooby Sue" (Scooby-Doo) in her new basket bed. She is so proud of it too." (What's so funny is that I have pictures of Larin doing the same thing with the same cartoons and usually asleep.)

Finlee Loves to Read hahahha
"Jax said, "Mom, Mom, You see this spot right here???"  Larin the mom says, "Yes Jaxon, what about it?" Jax said,  "I need another toe for this spot right here."Larin said, "Why?" Jaxon answered, "I just need one really a lot." Larin said, "Okay..."  Hahaha"

"Jaxon channeling his inner cowboy."

Great combination a red-headed cowboy on a red horse.

"Jaxon was desperate to catch a fish. He tried grapes. Poor guy didn't 
catch a thing. Maybe he needs a pole, or a hook for that matter."

"The kids are eating breakfast with Dean getting ready for school in a small town and a block from the elementary school. Jaxon heard the trash truck coming and said,”Hey, Dean!” Your school bus is here."

Nice Way to Eat Oreos, Finlee
Some Tired?

The Mother--Yep, Jaxon is Just Like Her! Larin is always the one that opts to get buried.

Larin's idea of Crazy Legs. Bree is Under Her Dress

This Could Be Jaxon in A Hat-It's Larin

Larin Pretending To Be Sick. Water in Wetsuit. Even out by the Highway and it truly looks like she's barfing! Sick!
The NUTS Don't Fall Far From The Tree and they KEEP DROPPING!

***Jaxon is growing-up! Added December 1st, 2013 And even more hilarious. We're at the beach and he brought his eye patch and looked though his mom's jewelery and put the earring in his nose and just waited for someone to notice. We tried to ignore him. He can hold a straight face longer than anyone I know. Yep! His hair is still red.

Jaxon informed his Primary today during "Sharing Time" that you can get tattoos on your mission. He said his dad told him this. Jax did mention he wasn't going to get one on his mission because tattoos hurt too much. The ward must delight in Larin's boys, she's the Relief Society President. Another, "head-slap" 

This is very similar to the Bishop's little daughter that was in the Nursery and was being taught by a substitute teacher our Stake President and his wife. He asked her to come over here and play, Kiely and she said, "No way! Butt Head!"

Naturally, the Stake President brought this little story up and shared it with the adult meeting of Stake Conference. He said that he had a humbling experience substituting as the leader in his ward's nursery in Primary and then Steve and I suddenly felt the heat as President Bryce retold the story, word for word. Happily left-out Kiely's name. I suppose the "nuts" in the family aren't just the grandchildren. I think my children started it. Steve and I were perfect children. Steve was a perfect child. I had to take the "I" out and make "children" singular.

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The Knappy Crew said...

Ha!!! that made me laugh. You forgot the old kid quote. lol or Dave took Jax with uncle bill to in and out a while back and Bill got up to use the bathroom and when bill was nearly half way there Jax yells to him from across the resteraunt..."uncle Bill, you have to go pee pee?" as loud as he could. Daves family thinks his one liners are legendary too. He may be red but its the strawberry BLONDE in him that continues to make us laugh.