Monday, March 5, 2012

Update Lambing

---Saddle UP!
Yep, I'm feeling crummy. I lost two lambs in the early hours. As I sat in the pen with the ewe in labor this morning, I knew she had already gone through a lot of trauma. She downed a huge pan of hot water and molasses and the ewe lamb was huge, very huge. I heard her pitching-a-fit out in the stall and had no idea that she actually would end up over the two smaller ewes she had before the big one and they didn't make it. Why didn't this one come first? I couldn't figure-out when I had first gone out to the stall and why she didn't have any milk, none? The answer was that the other two had emptied her out and this morning, the big one was starving. I heated-up colostrum and baby ewe slept almost an hour. Thankfully, after about 4 hours the ewe was producing more milk. I'm so sad that I didn't go out in the early, early morning to check on her and grab the two little ones that had come before. I could've sat both in a little side-area that was safe.

Our Huge Little Girl
I'm overwhelmed thinking about what's ahead for this week. The puppies are coming and I'm praying it won't be raining and I hope Darby's okay with me helping her and not my daughter. My Kiely has always been there for her best friend..well, second best friend... now that she's married. There's also going to be Brother Brock's funeral, and on Thursday, there's a possibility for tornadoes near my daughter and her family's area of Faulkner County, Arkansas.

Recent Tornado in Kentucky--So Scary

I know that worry doesn't accomplish a bit. I even
looked-up the word today...just so I had the definition right.

Worry is to torment oneself with disturbing thoughts of what may happen. I suppose I'm not exactly there yet because I'm not seeing any storms at my daughter's place, but a picture of a tornado in Kentucky. All the rest... I think is anxiety, and that's probably not so good either. It shows a lack of faith on my part and I'm needing to really get going on some longer time on my knees praying and waiting.

Steve and I cleaned house after the ewe was doing good and I knew for sure that the new lamb was well on it's way with a full udder. We had the Elders over for dinner and it was fun to have good company and also my grandson, Tanner here with us. I feel like I accomplished a lot today, I know things are going to be better, and it feels so good to have my house sparkle especially when I'm going to be making 6 dozen rolls for the funeral and oh yes, I really want to do that, really.

Steve's finally going back to work and has been off for most of this month. Our doctor removed a large mole deep into Steve's shoulder. I didn't really even think of the possibility that something could be not right with the mole, we hadn't heard back from the doctor, so we figured all was well... and it was. I have a lot of gratitude for my blessings and that my husband and children are healthy. And, even though Steve was really sore these past weeks it was wonderful having him home while he was mending. I know there's lots of projects I have going and they're all waiting for me and want to get busy and my hallway. They are secretly calling me.

My daughter, the one that's got the big tornadoes breathing down her neck, sent me this lovely message with a darling picture of my grand daughter. I have two and a half hours of this day left and I'm making it better, how could I not smile looking at Baby Susan. Bree said to me: Hello my dear Mother!!! I love you and miss you bunches. I hope you have a lovely day!! I know she was prompted to send me such sweet loves.

And oh my...this is great, too: My grand daughter Finlee had a busy day. I'm so blessed.
Sofa Planking-Too Funny

My Teenage Bree Bathing Her Cow, Hanson
Honestly, I have a bunch of happy people in my family!

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