Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dog Days And Preparing For Rain

This is one dog day I won't forget. I  got-up early to the sound of dogs ripping the blue tarp on top of the kennel. All my clothes were set-out for today and I hurried to dress and get outside to save what I could of the tarp.  Strategically, I cut the shredded part of a small hole in the tarp that Laney, the dog, had already torn-up. She had jumped on the doghouse in the kennel and bit the tarp. I thought if I cut it back and rolled the tarp around  Laney would be less inclined to bite at it.

Sorry 'bout The Blur--I was shaking!
All the water that collected from the rain poured-out on me when I opened the tarp up with scissors. I cleaned up all the mess except me, and put the shavings down. Then, I put a new dog house Igloo in the kennel and removed the other one that had filled-up with water.  I repositioned the tie-wraps. That little change in the tie-wraps caused me to accidentally lift the door to the kennel and It fell off on the ground. The dogs ran away. I was so wet except my rear that I went over and sat down right on a full can of open Dr Pepper. That was so cold!

The girls that bought one of the puppies just pulled into the driveway to see their new cutie named "Dash" and hold him.  I was freezing. I forgot about the runaways, and when the girls had left I suddenly realized Ginger and Laney where  gone. I went everywhere calling Laney and Ginger.  I was actually yelling for them. The storm was moving-in and I'm sure the wind muffled my calls for them.

I lost my voice, but was still looking everywhere for the two dogs. They seemed to have visited the crik in back of our Jurassic Park. The dogs where running and plowed right into me at the corner near the chicken coop.  Ginger and Laney were soaking wet. They were drenched. And, I was drenched and now...pretty darn muddy. It had already started to rain. I wanted to climb in bed but knew feeding time would be in just a few hours. Note: If you happen to see me, I'll be the one feeding horses, sheep, goats, and my dark, pink flannel nightgown.

I came in the house and started to sit down and realized I hadn't eaten all day. Sooo, I went in the kitchen and made a hamburger patty with the "pink slime" showing and some veggies. I was all set. I lifted the big bottle of ketchup and turned it over and squirted it right out on my antique tablecloth, missing the hamburger completely. Ugh!

I ate only the hamburger and could see it was starting to rain harder. I grabbed my phone and the dog food and headed back outside. It was only 5:00pm but it seemed like 7:00pm or so. All the animals were crying for food.
Our "Sonny" Looking At The Dogs
Laney Blue Looks So Innocent GRRRR! Darby Is Apologizing For Her Daughter. Yeah, Can't You See It?
Maaa! Maaa! Maaa! That Ma is Me
 I fed the dogs first and then went out to do the other animals. I finished and started to gather my things I'd left outside. My phone went in my pocket in my shirt and I grabbed a collar on the table, and then put the scissors in my back pocket of my Levi's and sat down in the barn. Rip... the scissors tore a huge hole in my back pocket. Ouch!

 I was so wet again that when I got into the house,  I went directly to the washing machine and took my clothes off and put them in the washer including the scissors. I gasped and realized I had thrown not only the scissors, but my phone and the collar in the washer. I got them out before I started the washer, but it was close. I'm surprised that my skin wasn't all wrinkled-up from being wet for so long and clear through to my skin. I was freezing all day. Skiers must be weird or hot-blooded. I hate being cold.

I called Steve to tell him that I finished all the chores. I had locked the door and locked the car. He asked how I was. I said, "I'm  having a bad day and I dumped ketchup on my favorite tablecloth and I'm tired, and wet, and I ripped my best Levi's." He asked me how all that had happened and upon hearing my tale of woe he told me that he's just going to call me "Loopy."

I know this all just seems like I might be a bit "altered" and would rather have the name, "Loopy" than have anyone, including myself... actually think I was a mess. Loopy Lazenby sounds pretty good. Loopy with a "Y" if you please.

Oh, It's Pretty Today, But I'm Still Cold!

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