Saturday, April 21, 2012

Phoning, Sponge Bob, Socks

I'm going off the deep-end here and I need these noodles!

 and unless my legs are wrapped around a water noodle
I may just go down and meet Sponge Bob himself.

I'm just posting my three favorite things that I love right now. Things, just things. Sometimes simple stuff is wonderful and taken for granted. I took pictures of these three great objects.

1.  I bought this magic eraser that's a sponge and I thought I just could rub it across anything and it would become clean. I used my good arm and scrubbed hard and a powder came-out and gave me an asthma attack. Lovely! I haven't had one of those in years. I went to shove it back in the new box, and found:  OOPS, I didn't read the directions and I was suppose to put water on it first. The cleaner sponge was made in Germany. It was only 99 cents! AND... Yes, it's a sponge and I call it Bob. So I love Sponge Bob now because today he cleaned my window sill so clean that it looks newly painted. I'm not joking..for 99 cents, I hardly had to press down and this sponge wiped-away every bit of dirt and discoloration. It left all the paint right there. It is the most perfect cleaner. I went all over the house going crazy and rubbing it across all the hand-prints my children and grandchildren placed on the walls, cupboards, doors, and windows. Then I cried because they were gone. hahahah I did. I'm just writing in my blog that I love Sponge Bob and I don't care who knows it.

This is my other favorite thingy!

 2. Jamie Lee Curtis was walking using this phone extension. TMZ, or the other ... "making fun of celebrity TV gossip shows" had a picture of this phone with Jamie Lee and the people on the TV show were cracking-up, saying mean things as, "Get in this century, lady." I looked-up this retro-phone part on the computer. The Amazon site is perfect (they have everything, almost) and I happened to think the phone cradle was really neat. And guess what? Yes, I bought it but this telephone extension, like the old type, keeps the force-field from entering your brain, so it does have a GOOD purpose. I love it because I can cradle it in my neck, everyone can hear me, I can absolutely hear my caller, and it's got a push-button "off" in the center that you really have to push and click. It's made of that soft skin that everyone has on their Iphones, but me. I just happen to super-like 60's daisies and glam from Mexico. This phone cradle comes in tons of colors and turquoise is my favorite. 5 stars! I love it and it's only 20 dollar-ein-ies! YES, I really, really love it. It's fun to see people look at me weird, too.

Oh my gosh, I'm going to be "discovered" using my retro phone set!
I may get discovered because my socks are different!
 3. Okay, I need to admit this, but honestly I love new comfy socks. I love them so much that I may cry right here, right now. The padded new socks are cheap, keep my toenails from turning weird colors as in turquoise, because I'm painting everything that color. They keep my feet from getting athlete's fungus (I do swim a lot and I do wear my tennie-runners everywhere) I don't have cracked heels, they double as slippers, they go well with cowboy boots and I don't have to wear pantyhose, I can put them on in bed and go right to sleep because my feet aren't cold, and I can walk and feel all bouncy because new, heavy, padded socks do that to you. Love is too light a'word, I adore new, padded socks and they come in all kinds of wonderful colors. But right now I'm content with these. Soooo bouncy.

We cleaned the yard up today. It was like summer and so fun. I enjoyed raking, yeah, I had a little bounce going there and my feet never felt hot. My phone was in my purse waiting for someone to call me. And...I'm still in awe about the "sponge eraser cleaner" tool I call Bob. I may even use it outside. It's so fun to use something that works, it's not from the Dollar Tree or the 99 cent store. It's from a discount store that a very, very sweet Asian lady owns downtown. I think there's lots of these kind of stores in maybe "small shopping centers" like "strip-malls" in Los Angeles.

Steve and I said good-bye to another puppy today. Dash, the little inquisitive one, dashed-off with their new family. 

And then, we went to see our "star" baseball player that not only pitches great and was the starting pitcher today, but catches terrifically. Dallin has the movement of a very quick magician, sticking each pitch quickly toward the strike-zone to fool the umpire. Odd thing though, Dallin is a great hitter. I always thought pitchers couldn't hit the ball much. This guy is a ball-of-fire and I can't wait to see how far he goes with his sports. I can see a scholarship for sure and that would be wonderful. Here's a great play that was recorded by our dear friend.

Our Grandson, Dallin, is in the center with some best friends

Saturday night! If Steve ever has that day and evening off, we go to our favorite restaurant El Pescador. Well... it's my favorite restaurant and we eat authentic Mexican food, I don't force him, he always asks me where I want to eat. Oh course I had my usual cheviche tostados with lots of avocados. I don't order anything else, ever. The two tostados just fit my appetite perfectly. I heard my new favorite song there, too:  Corazon (something, something)  Chivas. The owner of the restaurant is getting me the whole CD for the song in every Latino style and I'm getting a free Chivas green and white shirt with Don Chente on the front. That's the name of their restaurants in Southern California. I don't really like being a billboard, but the guy, Don Chente, looks just like Vicente Fernandez, but no horse. And I do think soccer is a great sport and my confession here is that I really suck at playing at it. I'm not used to being pushed-down by rough, mean women. It makes me feel uncomfortable to play, but not to watch it. Now, if it was a horse that was rough and mean that would be different, I'm pretty darn sure I can still handle that. No fear, but I should, huh? El Pescador is the same "restaurant family" as "Don Chente" and in our town.

I sure appreciate and I'm really grateful for the blossoms of spring! 

Please note: It's the "Law of the West" that everyone in California has to learn to swim. No problem, I float like a tractor-tire intertube and passed my swim course when I was so young I don't remember how old I was or what I was wearing because it over 58 years ago.

The other "need to know FACT" I raise dairy goats and I love our La Mancha breed, but I love Nubians for their butter-fat in the milk, and the Alpine Breeds for their excess of Caprylic Acid, a very, very good health benefit and probably the most beneficial product that a goat produces. I also love their personalities and Pygmy Goats and quite honestly are just my pets and I sure wish my Steve would let me put a "Chivas" sticker on my car.  Olé.... Olé Olé Olé  USA! USA!    Doesn't matter, he doesn't like goats.

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Sweet post. I love the pic of Dallin. Such a great ball player.