Sunday, April 29, 2012

What Am I Doing?

This is what I'm doing currently at about 8:00 pm April 29, 2012 and trying to sneak-in one more post before May. Tomorrow's going to be "super busy"  I'm sure I'll regret not taking the time to add just a little post in here to get the bathing suit picture gone and off my latest post.

It's Sunday evening and I'm loving the peace that comes when I know all the critters are fed and put to bed. It's a'bit like the old days when the critters were real kids and not little dairy goats. I was thinking about what a Sunday night seems to be for me... when Steve's on-duty at the fire station and I'm here alone. I miss him. So, I think I'll surely listen to the radio, but for now... all I can hear is the little canaries chirping, softly as the sun's going down and I can hear they're feathers fluffing and getting ready to nest their tiny bodies in their canary-beds. A bit like a dog turning around in a bed to find a comfy position, I guess. Oh, my dryer stopped and I suppose I should rescue my purse out of there. I spilled my Cherry Dr. Pepper on it, so even though there's extra pink, that I love on it. I do need to remove the stain at the bottom. My Marnie made it and it came out of my dryer full like a petticoat. I guess this is the beginning of my post

1. What I'm listening to right now:  I just posted it.

My Purse Just Tuned Fluffy

2. Eating and drinking:
 I wish I were eating... but nothing seems good except frozen yogurt, so I am indulging in my vice of drinking Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. The soda-pop is cold, really fizzy, and even if the commercial says it's smooth, it's not... and tingles cold all the way down. My grandchildren did an experiment at school to see which soda pop does the most damage to teeth and your insides so they put an egg in different brands of soda pop to see which one is the strongest. Just guess which one won that contest, that is did the most damage to the egg. Yes, siree, it was my very own Cherry Dr. Pepper. I must have good teeth because in over six years I've been able to avoid any cavities. Oh, my time is coming. Swimming daze is tomorrow and I do have a blood test appointment, so the soda pops got to stop right here and the water begins. So, I'm drinking and not eating. I guess one is bad and the other is good.

3. This is what I'm thinking about:

It would really help a lot if I didn't actually look a big orange. I made the wise choice to wear brown and white today at Church and not go with the bright orange blouse. I love the orange blouse, but then this blog would be tooooo accurate.

4.  The weather:
The weather couldn't have been more wonderful and more temperate. It was lovely all day. I know the bugs and snails have now made their appearance and I'm glad I can nip some tiny varmints in-the-bud. I need to help our sensitive horse, Banner, deal with her allergies and fix (KILL) the snails before all my tiny marigolds have every blossom eaten and the flowers die, miserably.

5. What Am I wearing:
I guess I should add to my list of stuff here... to what I'm wearing. Yep, it's that lovely dark, pink, flannel nightgown with the sleeve bottoms ripped-off. It's the new style, like my purse that Marnie made for me. If you tear fabric the "right-way" there's this fringe that develops after a few washings. That's it! .... I wanted some "fringe" just below my elbows. I didn't just cut the sleeves off because they were too long...truth, yes I did. But, I do like the soft fringe that has developed over time. It's too late for my turquoise, flannel nightgown, it's ripped all up one side. The fringe-look won't help that nightgown. It's been moved to the rag-bag and the sad-part of this discussion with myself, is that the flannel is so old it has become really soft. Some things really become so much better over time. Like my Tennie-runners. Oops, back to my #5 What I'm wearing, right now.

I put on my dark, pink nightgown and it is truly the MOST fetching outfit! I did that first thing when I came home from lunch/afternoon-time with the firefighters down at the station house. My Church clothes always, ugh... are always feeling way too tight. Do guys have the same feeling? I bet if they had to wear a Spanx, my stupid bra, and pantyhose, and shoes with heels... they'd know what miserable feels like. Don't say "a tie," because I that's like some necklace or scarf and doesn't count. Someday, I'd love to just "sit loose" at Church. hahahah...I just had a couple great visuals. Men in Spanx, sitting loose, as in some MuuMuu. Never-mind, but it's funny, right?

At this moment, I don't have any socks or slippers on. That's unusual for me, but I'm looking at my red-painted toe nails and thinking that the red-stuff has gotta' go before our trip up to Utah. If my grandson, Jaxon, sees my red toenails... he'll panic.

****I was thinking. Fetching outfit? Does that have a meaning that's like I put something on to wear to be fetched, as in caught? Well, the bear roaming our backyard may see me and think I'm a good "fetch". Honestly, we got a couple of the reverse 911s and there's bear out-thare and it's actually only steps-away from our house and probably just hanging-out in Jurassic Park. The bear is sleeping and I know where it is.... the bear's goes in the avocado trees at night! Cops? Where do bears go for food?  Yeah, my back-door there's a bear waiting for me to emerge in my "fetching" dark pink nightgown. Bear-cub to mother-bear, "Mommmmma, I really want that dark pink grandma for dinner (whine) I'm tired of avocados." (I've had too many children)  Should I carry a stick or something?  I've suddenly become creeped-out. Steve, if you read this on your email, can I have a new long, flannel nightgown? I would like one with little flowers or sticks on leafy, green background. It would be a perfect protection and an "animal camouflage" for Spring. I'm sure we can get one online at Walmart. They have mossy-oak, even flannel, I betcha'
Jaxon Hates It When I Point My Toes At Him. It's so "Pointless" and the most "Pointless" is my rambling about a new flannel nightgown. Like that'll ever happen.

6.  I think the next thing on my list is what am I enjoying?
The answer is: My completely empty head. I'm not asking for anything and please note that the nightgown doesn't count because really, really I'm not getting another flannel nightgown. Please refer to: 10 THINGS LINK. The flannel stuff is out. I'm not worrying about anything, and not trying to answer any of my own questions that cause worry. I think purple is a good color and I just see purple. (Oh, my gosh that was random, no purple in the whole room) No, I'm not seeing any UFO's.

7.  Let me see? What the heck do I need?
To see my children together in one big bunch or separate's okay, too. But...I suppose I'm writing for the present, so I need some classical music and I have that.... no problem and speakers are right next to my bed. I need that. Easy fix.

 8. What do I want?
To walk and stand and spend one night or more without taking Tylenol. When I'm asleep my knees roll-around without me even moving, and I can have a "kick-fight" with myself without completely waking-up. Oh dang, that's not true.... I wake-up take a couple of baby Tylenol's and go back to sleep. I can understand when people get into the drinking-beers-at-night habit when they have pain going on. I really want my knees replaced. I just this minute moved my leg over about 2 inches and my kneecap moved the other way. Pop! It made a really ugly noise. My first reaction is to shake it and that's what happens when I sleep. But it makes it worse. Good advice that needs repeating, "Never, ever work on a horse from a ladder, even when your on the other side of the fence." I was pulled-off the ladder and rammed face-first into a rusty, heavy fence made from WWII airport runway, support for concrete.  My biggest mistake was covering my face instead of saving my kneecaps. I really would've loved a face-lift. That's a lot less surgery, too.

9. What do I think about Polygamy?  hahahah I had to look that up on spell-check, and I'm a real Mormon. I'm totally "down" with it and have a wife picked-out for my husband. I'm not telling, and no she won't even live here. I'm JOKING!!! Except in case I die, she'd be perfect for Steve. He knows and they'd really get along fine. She only likes cats and she makes me laugh. They'd get along.

10. What's interesting to me that this picture is on my desktop and I don't know how it got there! Why's this snake is so hungry it couldn't wait for dinner?

I have Almost No Words For This Photograph, Except One. Photoshop?
If you have an answer to why the snake is eating it's tail I'd like to know. I'm ditching the snake picture on my desktop and also this sheep...Yeeee--ah, both are definitively going to the "recycling delete bin"

Now that those images are in my head, I think I'll go crawl into bed and set the music going. I guess I'm going to resort to counting dogs instead of sheep.

 The wonderful "purple" aura has blasted right outta' my mind!

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