Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Graduation Party With Guns

We have had the most amazing May ever. One of the highlights was going up to Utah to see Kiely and Matt graduate. The party was particularly fun and different from any party I've ever been to in my life.
Ephraim Is Below. So Beautiful
The Pavilion is in the Center With the light roof and yes, there's snow just up the mountain a little.
It doesn't seem so high,but it is because of the gradual incline
Elk farm below the bishop's ranch and alfalfa fields.
The location was at Kiely and Matt's bishop's ranch is up in the hills above Ephraim, Utah. The bishop has a pavilion up there for Bar-B-Ques and it has lots of tables and running water even in the outhouse. It's spectacular. He flew over our party with his jet. Kiely texted him and asked him, "Do you have your happy face on?" and he wrote back that he was really having fun and off to Arizona.
The Pavilion
My grand daughters, Adree from California and Finlee from Wyoming
Beautiful Place for a Party
There's even a fire-pit just a few yards off of the large lawn with chairs around it to enjoy a cozy campfire. I thought it was so interesting that he even had plumbing in and a spigot for a hose right next to the campfire pit.
The Campfire
Large lawns. Larin and Linda Hanging Out
Of course, we ate first and the kids went hiking all over the hills. We saw so many deer just cruising through. All of the children loved it.

Larin's friend, Linda, was there and they've been friends from the time they were babies. I was so happy she was there with us with her two precious children.

 Linda hasn't changed and it was so fun to have her there. We learned some new words from her. I knew "Catawampus" (all crooked) but "Else-ways" and Else-wise were new to me and we had so much fun just thinking of things to say so we could properly use our new colloquial words.

 I asked Jaxon if he loved his lunch and this is what he showed me. Yes, he was really into the chips.

I know there were sprinklers but all were recessed. The little cabin held the armory. Matt and his father brought the guns.

Kiely's Matt, and He's Done This A Lot!

The Kids Played While the adults Played

I think my husband hasn't even shot a big gun since Dustin was in high school. It would be one of those teaching gun safety trips and they did it every once in a while. Most of our guns aren't really too good except the one that kills the rattlesnakes with bird-shot.
My Steve Getting Ready and His Shoulder Really Became Bruised

He's So Manly
What surprised me the most was that Kiely was the greatest shooter ever. Matt's sister was really good and of course, Matt does so well at it...but he's been shooting a gun since he was a little kid.

Here Kiely Goes!

Bingo! See The Orange Clay Pigeon?

Party? Kiely is having a great party!

My Steve, Practicing and Hitting!
So, here we are rooting for each one. Marnie was amazing too and was so serious. I don't think she does anything without putting forth an effort that none of us even aspire to having, ever. Her husband, Steve carries lots of guns because he's in law enforcement. I wasn't a bit surprised at his concentration and hits. The clay disks are called skeet or clay pigeons and this contraption shoots them out in all directions. Honestly, I thought of Disneyland shooting stuff in Frontierland.

I Can Only Describe My Daughter, Marnie As Intense!
Marnie's Steve and Marnie

I Think She's Found Another Great Passion, Fun!
The Pro!

Hit it! No Problem!
The most delicate part of the whole shooting experience is that Steve, my son-in-law with all the guns. He wanted his children and any other child there to shoot a gun and actually teach them gun safety. He showed them how serious shooting at ANYTHING can be dangerous if not done correctly. Everyone that's an adult here knows, but the children couldn't notice that they could point a gun and it could go off without much effort. The pictures of Steve teaching gun safety tell a story of much concern for respecting and understanding everything about guns.
My Grand Daughter was Hesitant

My Grand Daughter, Kenna

Kenna said she felt older, like Adree

My Grand Daughter, Preslee

My Grandson, Dallin picking-up Empties

My son-in-law, Steve Teaching his son, Dallin

Uncle Steve teaching my "red-headed grandson," Jaxon

He Will Never Forget This!

He's Trying So Hard

There was a lot of work involved and I know the kids were so tired after a day on the mountain. It was a bit chilly from a slight wind, but up high and a sunny day made everyone sunburned. My favorite thing besides being with everyone was this old sheep wagon frame and the pioneer house up against the mountain. The kids had a great time exploring in it. It was deep because the floor had fallen in, and the basement was the bottom.
Old Sheep Wagon Frame

Cousins, Forever Friends

Little Finlee Loving Getting To Re-know Her Cousins

Kenna The Bug Catcher Caught Finlee A Butterfly

She Was So Happy To See It!

Best Friends

The Old Pioneer Home

So sorry for the long post of pictures, but I want our family to remember all of this wonderful get-together. I don't want to forget it, either! I should've tried to shoot the gun, also. Maybe next time.
This was a fun and learning experience for all of us and I know the children will never forget shooting shotguns and pistols. I suppose they're all cowboys and cowgirls after all.

All Of Us Girls Together

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What a WONDERFUL post Mother!I absolutely love the shooting photos. So much fun. It was a perfect graduation party.