Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day

I sure wish I could have attended church on Mother's Day! I was sick, really sick, but loved hearing about all that was said by the children in church. The speakers were the Primary, the little kids and as anyone knows, we don't ever know what a child can "come-up-with" while posed in front of a congregation of smiling adults.A captive audience always inspires children to "out perform" and maybe be a bit more free with their talks. The children have loads of information at the tip of their tongue with no memorization required and of course, this talk isn't about them, it's about someone they know quite a lot about. The children have "the mike" and some kids are naturals when they sweetly tell lovely secrets of being home with their mother.
My Mother's Day Flowers, Roses, and Tulips, Too!
This should be the way all Mother's Day programs should be. I guess I wouldn't want it if my kid was mad at me. Oh, my gosh. That right there makes me think," Ruth-roh!" I can just see one of my darlings saying, "Remember mom when you_______in front of everyone, right there in the living room?"  or "I remember when our mom fed us this blended breakfast that made us all so sick we couldn't go to school." "My mother forgot to pick me up at ____________." And was mad at me because I wasn't home yet.  "Hi, I'm Susan Lazenby's big girl and I know what my mom' favorite word's, ________!"  Oh no! ***giggle*** I suppose it would HAVE to be a father, grandfather, or grandmother that puts this kind of program on for all of us to enjoy on Mother's Day. I'm not sure a mother would let the children prepare talks that had so much room for improvisational additions.

Oh yeah, there was a lot of funny stuff. I'm so glad that Steve came home early to share it all with me. The kids in our ward are hilarious. Maybe someone whispered to them, "Okay, kids don't hold-back, tell us all...."
I've Loved Everyone of My Cards, Presents, Flowers, Letters, and Phone Calls!
I had spent days making lace scarves for Mother's Day for my sister, my mother, and my mother-in-law. I learned to knit. I suppose it wasn't big-time knitting, but it helped my fingers learn how to hold my work and  make something really lovely and soft. I want to make more for my daughters. There's some yarn that's striped and is made just for football games and the lacey-look scarves, change to a pom-pom scarf. I have plans, lots of plans.

Lacey Scarves

My Mother's Day Celebration On Tuesday
Steve took me out to eat at a restaurant across the street from the fire station while he was on duty. Well, he tried. This is his trying-to-look-like-he's-having-fun, face below. He's gritting his teeth because he's hearing the tone and I snapped the picture just as he knew it was his station being called-out. Just like the old days, off and running, but at least now... he knows to pay the bill in advance, there's always a chance he will run-away if I'm visiting the station. Actually, I visit the station a lot and he's usually gone, already.

And This Call's For YOU!
I'm loving Mother's Day more and more. Not because of my memory is getting bad of what I didn't do right raising my children, but because I know I did it okay and my children are WONDERFUL persons!  I'm so blessed to be chosen to be their mother and I'm so proud of them, every one.

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